11:15 PM, Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013:
12,300 to be exact... and if I really wanted to I could stop typing and go even more nuts...
...but I have to have something to shoot for later, right?
It sucks, 'cause it's like telling someone you ate a 12,000 calorie meal but they have no idea what a calorie is. Come to think of it, most people don't. But relatively speaking they get it...
2000 is a normal day, 3000 is an active day and 5000 would be a very active day. If I run for an hour straight without stopping, I get around 2500. Strangely, on days I run? I brely get over 4000 because tend to take it easy after, well, after running for an hour straight. So this? This right here is absolutely crazy. For comparison's sake, last year I got excited whenI went over 10,000 and was sure I would never pull that off in a day... I've now done that 3 times in the last 3 weeks and today over 12,000? Wow.
So how did I do it? I woke up at 7am and never stopped moving. Ever. Not to eat, not to chill... around 15 straight hours until I slowed down a bit. And am now finally sitting down to write this. The day included wood-work, cement, in fact - here's what a couple minutes of it looks like:
Cement, painting, staining, building and repeat. And because the tournament is tomorrow, I had to get certain things done so I could paint the cement the people would be walking on in the morning and have it JUST dry by 11am. Whew. Happy to say, I made it. The front is still weeks away from being finished, but it is accessible.
But what a day. I know there are people reading this that are thinking: "Oh, that's nothing, I've gotten up at 7am and never stopped moving until midnight before..." Yeah, me too... but that's not what gets you 12,000 fuel points. It has to be aerobic. Hammer. Mixing that cement. You're working up a sweat and you're pushing. It's the eqivalent of a non-stop walk at a brisk pace for 12 hours straight. Or look at it this way, with everything I've built the last year? I only hit 10,000 one time and I've built a BUNCH. Who knows if I'll beat it again, but I sure love deadlines. Wait'll you see the video tomorrow of the house.
And whew, tomorrow! The big event! Although sure to be a smaller event as I simply have not had time to advertise it online. And honestly, that's fine. That's why I didn't make this the first charity event. Had way too much to finish around the house before any charity would attach their name to it. Still do in fact. Hopefuly the 2 months between now and Labor Day wil provide enough time to make it happen. Man, this is all so insane. I cannot believe that I'm afforded the time to BUILD a life for my family... THANK YOU IMAX STOCK! I cannot wait to write that entry when I finally sell my final stocks. That decsion in 2008 completely changed my life.
Alright, and since Organizer Adam is officially going to sleep tonight I can become GOLFER ADAM and talk some shit. Even though I can barely move because I'm so sore and I have played maybe one round since The Memorial? I will whoop some ass...
...however the truth is? I'm rooting for Jimmy. I desperately want someone to beat me to add legitimacy to the course before a charity event and I'd rather it be a Kontras. ;-) The truth is, and I've said this before, once you've played the course 3 or 4 times? You know all there is to know. It comes down to patience and, well, more patience.
Can't wait.
07/04/13 - PS - I ended up with 12,403 by midnight. ;-)