9:25 PM, Tuesday, May 28th, 2013:
Wow. What an incredible end to a 2-3 week building/cleaning/preparation. Yesterday was a massive success and as I'm about to explain in the highlight reel, it was the day I realized GolfKon Majors are going to eventually bigger events than we can handle without limiting invitations and controlling, well, almost a membership to the course. Seriously, over 70 rounds of Golf by 20 different players were played yesterday. Wow. So, onto the video...
I remember thinking on the first major "I'm not even gonna tape this, what am I gonna make a journey video for all 4 each year? Those will get boring" And now I'm imagining camera crews, live announcers, spectators, etc. This can be really really big. Watching the scramble to get in during the final hour was just crazy - and that wasn't even half of the people that were there...
...though I should probably get into that. The guy who walked off during the finals was the brother of my tenant who had, simply put, had a little too much to drink. You could tell the putt before the infamous "tap" that gave him the double-bogey that he was way off. Had it not been that incident on hole 3, something else would've blown up before that. And why? Because the event became a "house party" somewhere along the line. Not because my tenants invited people, but because friends of friends of friends invited people. We probably had over 40 people there and only 20 actually played the course. By the time the Finals started they were so loud I had to move the table off the deck to the 4-square court just so we could film it properly. And one of the drunk girls said:  "Jeez you take your golf seriously."
Really? The 9-hole golf course I buiilt in my backyard wasn't the first clue? It's me moving the table 10 feet over? (sigh) I fucking hate drunk people with a passion. Just such a boring thing to be, you know? Like, go have fun in your 20s and then grow the fuck up already. It's a boring pastime. Just a boring, boring pastime. But, most of them were in their 20s, so, I get it. Have fun. Just realize this was not a house party and not only have I never had one of those? I'm not even sure I've been to one of those. I was too busy producing shit to even imagine wasting a night doing that. Again, most were in their 20s so I actually tip my hat to the fun their having, but a GolfKon Major doesn't mix with that. Which is why we're making the events non-alcoholic from this point on. That should pretty much ERASE that crowd. Can you imagine a shittier day than NOT drinking and watching mini-golf? Heh. They can't.
Now, the actual "tap" at hand that made him boil over, is very difficult to spot on video. In fact had he asked to see the video I'd be hard-pressed not to give him a pass, however the two people that called it as he tapped it weren't actually players. There wasn't really a motivation to lie there. And, well, the rules are pretty specific and no one is above them. You have to draw a line somewhere and if a tap isn't considered a stroke, what is? A half-revolution roll? It just sucks because had he not been drinking he never would've tapped that. He just misjudged it (like the putt beforehand which was ridiculously hard) and probably doesn't even remember tapping it. And then we come to me kinda losing my shit about it. (sigh)
What can I say? I was super-super pissed. I spend how many weeks building shit, cleaning shit, making all of this happen and he walks off? You know what I was really thinking? "Great, I have to put his name on the plaque I just built."
That suuuuuuucks. It could've been someone who would've been respectful enough to play through. You know, like the Matt Rush guy who shot a fucking 8 over after 8 holes, but stuck with it and shot 5 under on the next 6. Oh and in case this is completely confusing to you, all 4 finalist's names go on the plaque, forever. However now that I've had a day to think about it - "John Stock -MDF-" just kind of adds to the legend of GolfKon. "What does MDF mean?" "Oh, made the cut, didn't finish." "What happened?" "Dude walked off after 3 holes because he got called for an extra stroke."
That's kinda pimp right there. I mean, anyone reading this - DON'T DO THAT SHIT - but now that it's done, at least it's a story. It's all about stories in the end, right?
Of course the story of the night was JT coming in and owning that course the first time he ever played it. He got a (-5) having never once even practiced on that course. I'm telling you, the course is a hard par. There are no gimmies. Even Hole 1 is annoying. To do that and then do it AGAIN in the finals? And seriously, 2 people won't get competing (-6) and (-5) in a round of the finals for a loooooooong time. That's so unlikely I can't even express it. And me getting a Pyramid Eagle?!?!? I've done that once against somebody else... EVER. One time practicing and again, only once in competition - and I do it in the finals? How the what? We were both on fire. Sucks someone had to lose and, well, part of me wishes it would've been me. I was serious in that interview that until I'm beaten, it'll be an illegitimate course. Oh, and the interview!
I've been on Kurtis & Jonathan's show "The Worst Show on the Web" twice talking about FOUR and The Journey. I threw it past them to broadcast live from the Tournament and they ate that shit up. ANd seriously, they dressed up - legitimately fought on the course about shit and generally had a blast. I'm not even sure how there can be another GolfKon event without them. Since they do their show on Mondays maybe they can just do the Memorial and Labor Day each year? That would be cool. Definitely Labor Day - it'd be a great way to end the season as well as celebrate the Anniversary of the Opening in 2012. Something about being interviewed after winning a competition that just seems right. They're also quite funny and play well off each other. Good stuff.
And the FINAL piece of good stuff for the day is the guest I really never thought would come...
Fred is actually a fellow ex of 2010's Palmolive. Can you believe that? I friended him around that time and never had the balls to actually ask him about her. Did we have the same experiences? I knew they still talked so I assumed not... well, in fact, we did. And 3 years later I invited him to GolfKon simply because after being his Facebook friend for 3 years? He totally seemed like he would dig it. And he did. He was the only other guy who dressed up and to say the least, we got along. Mutual insanity in our past certainly helped, but he's just a nice guy and every bit the type who adored the idea of a mini-golf course in your backyard. In fact as a kid he tried to make one. So, we're kind of instant friends.
What a day. What a night. What a Major. The turnaround for the Independence Championship is a little short, so I don't expect as much of a turn out, but I think Labor Day is gonna be huge. Hopefully, the 4th of July will be filled with serious peeps trying to get on that board. That thing is like 15 square feet. LOL.
Alright, I'm beat...
...just not on the GOLF COURSE BITCHES.