6:58 PM, Saturday, May 18th, 2013:
Uggh, unfortunately that title has a double-meaning right now but I'm not sure how to get into the 2nd meaning...
...so we'll go with the first one!!!
Network Solutions. These fuckin' guys. Sorry, that's crude, but seriously - these fuckin' guys can blow me. What a disaster.
So last month I go to 4tvs.com and it's "parked" and "owned" by Network Solutions. Checking my account I see that it expired (after renewing it ten freaking years ago). I checked my profile and email accounts and all were up to date. I got no email, no message on their site, nada. After having the domain with them for 14 years, they let it expire and then bought it themselves.
Further digging found that one of my 4 contact emails was indeed the one from 1999: adam@qn.net. Quicknet (qn) has been out of business for over a decade and I had no way of changing that email without first RECEIVING an email at that address, so now I know why I didn't change it. Adam@4tvs.com forwarded to the QN account but seriously, in 2001 I had to move on (they had really spotty service, even for turn of the century standards) and had no access to that account since.
So I go to see if I can re-instate it and of course I can! I just have to pay them a whole lot of fees as well as $40 a year since they now OWN it (the going rate for renewals is like $7.99). So, as I said above: "THESE FUCKING GUYS..." I wrote to them immediately and rasied some shit. They decided to give me a 30-day grace period which turned my site back on, but all the "re-instatement" fees were there as well as the ridiculous $40 a year (not for hosting the site mind you, just for having the name). I was uber-pissed.
I mean, this is for all intents and purposes a scam. No one will randomly remember when their expiration date is for a 10 year renewal, and within those ten years? It's fairly certain that an email will change. But what gets me? I UPDATED IT EVERYWHERE I COULD. That qn.net address? Wasn't even working when I renewed it in 2003, so wtf already. Network Solutions is supposed to be my business PARTNER. I am their CLIENT. Sending an expiration email to all of the contacts associated with the account (technical, primary, profile) is not only assumed it's common business etiquette. And, in fact, I have no way of knowing they sent out an email to adam@qn.net. I have a feeling they did fuck all so they could "own" it and collect more fees.
I'll be honest, I was reallllllllllllllly close to letting it go. Every single one of my domains is now with godaddy.com (I found them years before they even advertised on TV) and 4tvs is long-gone. It is however my license plate and it has a place in my heart. It's awesome to have a 4 character .com even if you can't say it verbally to people without having to say "The number 4, T, V, S like TVS.com" which kills the 4 character ease of it (which is why I ended up getting "TheEgos.com"). So I went to GoDaddy and renewed it for 10 years with THEM, and then went through the ridiculously painful process of trying to transfer the domain.
We're talking faxes people. Because I don't have access to an email from 1999, I had to do all sorts of insane things to prove I was me, including faxing THIS goofy shit to them because, ironically, they can't receive EMAILS of pdfs? WHAT?
And then answer a series of security questions I hadn't thought of in 10 years. "Who's your manager" Uhm, Charlotte! I jumped through everything and after a weekl of ridiculous back and forths and CONSTANT solicitation from the operators to stay with them, I was able to transfer. Now all of my freaking domain names are in one place. Ugh.
What killed me about the solicitations was they were willing to waive all the fees and match the $7.99/yr godaddy.com had. Really? Then why the fuck were you trying to rob my ass for hundreds of dollars until I called? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Network Solutions used to be the only game in town in the 90s and you'd think they'd realize they AREN'T. And even with godaddy.com's bafflingly over-sexual commercials, their site is easy to navigate and well organized. And those sleazy commercials mean I get to pay less than the other places. <shrugs> In the end, that's all that counts.
And to give you an idea of what life was like when I had the Quicknet email address...
Ha. Sponsored by Quicknet. Now that I think of it, they actually gave me a discount to host 4tvs.com back then for advertising. Crazy, now you can have your website hosted 100% free. Oh and those were the little commercials I put on the TVs during my breaks when I played live in '99 and '00. Crazy, huh? I dont' think I ever showed them in The Journey before. And in HD, putting all of it on one screen is kinda cool.
Unlike Network Solutions which is kinda not.
Let's see what happens in ten MORE years, shall we?