11:11 PM, Thursday, May 16th, 2013:
This is one of those weird entries where I put so much work into telling the story in the video, the written portion becomes a bit redundant. However, so many of you skip the video and then skim the entry, and I also want a home for a lot of these stills so I'll go ahead and make an entry anyway. ;-) But really, the video says it all... what a day!
Whew! So it was an incredible success and the best way to write this is a couple randoms about the video and some things I didn't quite get in there...
First up, thank you Jimmy. Not only was it not possible without you, it wouldn't have even been considered. LOL. Though she did have a good time looking at things, she looks at the trees in the backyard the same way. And they don't scare the shit out of her.
2) On being bad parents
Yeah, Talya and I can't watch even a few seconds of Vienna scared on that ride without our hearts breaking a bit. Literally nothing in her life has come close to how overwhelming that must have been. I figure if we go a YEAR from now it may be even scarier. Eventually it'll be fun. It is cool that she got accustomed to it and found it just as interesting as the trees in the backyard again. ;-)
3) Don't underestimate childhood shit
This is not Talya smiling for the camera. This is Talya straight-up giggling because she's so excited that freaking Chip & Dale are there. I never had a thing for Chip & Dale, nor any cartoon stuff come to think of it and I cannot for the life of me imagine being excited about dudes in costumes - but maybe there'll be one where I get giggly. <shrugs> Cute as hell watching Talya though.
4) Vienna was still a little weirded out by the characters
For every moment like this?
There's a moment like this:
Again, can you fathom how overwhelming this must be to a 7 month old. LOL. Too funny. Best pic ever.
5) The VIP treatment was niiiiiiiiiiiice
Being able to get around the lines to see these characters was greatly, greatly appreciated...
With Mickey's House being the pimpest. It really was this back entrance for celebrities or "Make A Wish" Kids and it saved us sooooooooooooo much time. Thanks again, Jimmy. Thank you for also making me feel guilty for getting the same treatment as a dying child.
6) What was that shirt again?
Kind of a mandatory thing for Jimmy to have given to Vienna. And wouldn't you know?
Jimmy has a matching shirt. Ha.
So yup - we had a great time. She really never fussed once. More of a product of us keeping her on her schedule exactly throughout the past few days (which has been done WITH SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and again, when the world around you is that interesting, what is there to fuss about?
I know I know, give it a couple years and I'll find out. Until then however, we're just one big goofy family. :-)