Entry and video locked until July 4th, 2013
10:40 PM, Friday, May 10th, 2013:
When we found out we weren't pregnant, (either a miscarriage or false positive) in February one of the things that added to the bummer was that the video I had put together would never be "the one". And, more than anything, that hilarious picture:
...yet, somehow, it was topped:
Haaaaaaaaaa. What a wonderful video this turned out to be:
Nothing like sincere reactions. After a dozen tests over the past year or so that took so much time... we now know what happens if you're a week late and you take one: SUPER LINE. My GOODNESS that thing was clear. And Vienna's like: "You want me to be happy about this?"
So yes, since the moment Talya got even an inkling of a period we went back at it. Actually two weeks the after the BIRTH we went at it - LMAO - but in an effort to make a baby... we wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible. When will we ever again have this much time off together? When will we ever again be able to afford to? If we're gonna do this? Do it now. Yes, January - July 2014 is gonna be intensely difficult at 15 months apart, but again, we have each other. We'll power through and all we can say now is?
Right!?!? I'll be 56, Talya will be 47... those are some mighty fine traveling ages if I do say so myself. I know it's silly to plan things so far in advance, but that is the nice thing about planned parenthood. You want two kids? Make 'em and snip it. I know I can't afford 3 kids - my house is too small. I'm not gonna go live beyond my means for a bigger family unit. This is it. We couldn't be happier, that video is awesome...
...and I have to sit on it for a couple months. DAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.