10:47 PM, Tuesday, April 30th, 2013:
Well it CANNNNNNNNNN be. But when you're told to prepare to sing like a jazzy lounge singer and they ask you to jump at an octave higher and belt it out like an opera singer... well, then it gets interesting. Today was a fun challenge and hopefully the start of something Gary and I have been trying to put together since December 2011...
If you're wondering, the first part of that song was the style I prepared for, and the second part required more belting. I could do it, but again, it was just the opposite feel from what I thought we were going for. This video was for the second song - the first one was ENTIRELY high range belting. Quite tiring. And believe me, if you want me to sing Morrissey/Harry Connick Jr type stuff, I roll out of bed without even warming up...
...you want me to belt shit above F in full voice? Yeah, I need to prepare for that. Of course I was there for 6 hours so my voice eventually opened up. LOL.
What a joy to be in real studios though. I made this my cover photo on Facebook like a NERD because it's just nice to be at home:
If you don't think I dream of turning the GolfKon Guesthouse into a studio like this? You're out of your mind. I would live here. When I was in radio and had access to this stuff? I lived at WTVN and CD101. I could've spent all night there (the other peeps may have considering how slow the process was going).
So we'll see where all this leads. What I was singing was a track for a trailer that will be shown at e3 this year. If it all works out, I may have to go there as it will be crazy to come full circle. In 2002 and 2003 I was there as part of Planet GameCube but I soon lost interest in going because it was just, so, loud and zzzzzzzzzzzzz. I just didn't have the passion for the swag and gamer stuff. I still don't, but it might be cool to see this trailer and hear my voice in front of everyone.
And can you believe it? On Thursday, even MORE career stuff back on the RADIO no less. Whew! Can't Slow Down.
Well, I slowed to a stop and am starting to crawl a little. ;-) By this rate I may be walking by the time Vienna is. ;-)