10:46 AM, Monday, April 29th, 2013:
Wow. What a tumultuous and eye-opening weekend that was. Still can't believe it's all over...
So as I believe I mentioned, Jimmy finally had to move to Anaheim as the commute to Disneyland was made even more ridiculous with a new construction project on the 5 that killed his "night driving scheme." But, I mean... WOW, who were we kidding? Dude was driving to freaking ANAHEIM - upwards to 2 hours each way every day for WORK. I thought he was nuts in December when he started and gave him 3 months before he gave in. He lasted 3 1/2. :-) We won't see a lot from Jimmy for a bit as he gets adjusted to a new life (4 dudes in one 2-bedroom apartment, whew), but he's still the closest Kontras around. :-)
So that meant it was renting time for The GolfKon Guesthouse. As usual, I threw up a status on Facebook because clearly, I'd rather have someone I know living in my backyard... and I instantly found someone. Incredibly, the son of a guy I worked with at CD101 now lives in LA... and is 30? Uhm, what the fuck? He was a teenage high school kid back, well, back in 1998. 15 goddamn years ago.
He came by, loved it, was being moved to a salary position at work and would have the money to me by that Friday...
...and then that Friday came and went, they kept him at hourly and he couldn't get ahold of anyone to give him an explanation. Nor did he even know what the salary WAS. Welcome to the business world. "Hey you're being promoted to full-time salary!" "Thanks! How much!" "Don't know exactly, you'll see it on your next check!"
Or you won't. And you won't get straight answers. And you'll be completely screwed. So he finally calls me on Thursday (nearly 2 weeks after he said he wanted it) and said he needed a couple more weeks. I told him I had to go forward and put up an ad and show the place. I still wanted him there since we had a connection, but DADDY GOT BILLZ. My mortgage bank doesn't give a fuck.
I was super-bummed though, because my chances of getting someone on May 1st (6 days from then) was incredibly slim. I put up an ad on Facebook again, now with some pics of all the renovations on Friday morning and then that night I put an ad on Craigslist...
Holy. Fuck. Balls.
In 12 hours I got a dozen "I want to see this ASAP" emails and by the time I had to take the ad down less than 24 hours later? 30. I booked all day Saturday with people coming by on the hour and was filling up Sunday when I simply couldn't take it anymore. Every person that came by said:  "I can move in RIGHT NOW." I know I posted it kinda on the cheap side, but I had NO idea just how crazy rents in LA had gotten. And people were ON that shit. Like, email, book time, come see it - INSTANTLY. Ready to hand me cash. From talking to them, apparently places just go super-fast. The economy is absolutely turning around in LA. Which means the rest of the country isn't far behind.
And of course this is where my heart comes in: these people had legitimately tough situations they had to get out of. Apparently scummmmmmmmmmmmmbags are now renting their house out DURING foreclosure and not telling people? So when there's literally days left until the locks go on the place, they grab 2 months rent from people and bail? It's unbelievable. And yet demand for a place to live is so high, they literally have to take my word that I have indeed had this house for 10 years and have never even been late on a payment. I mean, with my real-estate background I know there's ways they can find out the status of a property, but who knows that? Just really rough. By the 5th person that wanted this place I was done. I cancelled all but 2 appointments, took down the ad and tried to narrow it down.
Oddly, we ended up with a guy who both Talya and I really liked and when he came back to settle up it dawned on him that he not only had more clothing than any woman I've ever known - he could have made the entire guesthouse a walk-in closet. 600 square feet to boot. He was moving from NYC and his stuff was in storage here in LA... so obviously when he looked at he thought:  "DAMN! Look at all this space!" (in comparison to Manhattan)... but then he remembered he wanted to get rid of all that shit and he just shook his head. "Dude, I have suits, coats, shirts..." (he models and is an actor) "...I've got 20 something pairs of sneakers."
I gave him some shit for that.
And alas, there was just no way. However, he's one of those people that you know is supposed to come into your life for a reason. I will figure out what that reason is, but it isn't tenant. So little by little it came down to a single musician and a newly married couple who was ALSO in the midst of the "owners" getting evicted and they had to get out...
...with ONE wrinkle. One big, loveable, wrinkle:
No one loves a big old dog as much as me, and this one is as sweet as can be...
...but, wow. I already have 2 well-trained dogs that poop in the corner of the yard and don't mess with GolfKon. And this dog is 125 pounds EASY. So we had some playdates. Whew...
Here's the good news, even though CeBe and LeeLoo spazzed at first? The old dog (JD) doesn't give a shit. CeBe & Loo played their little attempted alpha dominant games and JD just sniffed at them and moved on. Eventually? My pups just got bored. They couldn't get a rise out of him. Now if he starts pouncing to play?! They freak out again because you see this Marmaduke dog getting ready to play and it looks like he's going to DESTROY YOU... but it's really just a matter of time. They eventually calm down and the good thing is? JD cannot get through their doggie door so it makes our house CeBe and LeeLoo's domain. They don't seem stressed at all anymore. I'm sure there'll be a few more moments between them as they get used to everything, but there really is enough room for the three of them. And although the other single-dude was a more convenient fit as he didn't have any pets? They offered a bit more money and, well, the clincher was JD's owner used to do construction. Looked at the walls in the guesthouse and said:  "Oh yeah, I can make this look perfect. Totally for free. I'll be happy to help you."
Help? With all these goddamn renovations? REAL HELP? Yeah, you had me at HEL. And the truth of the matter is? Talya and I enjoyed their company and they are very peaceful and fair people. I tried to read into every story they were both telling and a couple things said "float downstream" more than once. If you search out peace? You'll eventually run into like-minded people. I believe we have a match.
Of course once you do? Then you have to contact all the OTHER people and it's absolutely horrible. The only other guy we were seriously considering came after the couple and there's this awkward "blind first date" feel as you're trying to gauge if you get along as fast as possible. It's like being a casting director and I have to go into my inner-asshole to JUDGE you and I freaking hate it. I have spent a life-time getting RID of judgements, but this is my house, my family, my wife, my DAUGHTER - I'm gonna judge you HARDCORE. So I finally called or texted everyone that was outstanding and most were very understanding.
You do all that, and it becomes an entry and a video:
And The Journey moves on. Hopefully my role as "Kingmaker" takes a looooooooooong time off. Congrats to the new couple who found a new home. Talya and I are happy to welcome you.