10:27 PM, Sunday, April 21st, 2013:
I'm not gonna sit here and tell you my kid is a genius. Kid beats the shit out of whatever is in front of her and she happened to hit 6 notes in a row that I could actually turn into a song...
...but that is pretty fun. And of course if she does end up being a piano player (or musical at all) this will be a very cool first video for her.
As you can imagine as Vienna approaches 7 months she is becoming far more adventurous and learning by the second. It has taken all of my restraint to not post entry after entry of her doing what every baby does in their first year of life (and I do mean every). Doesn't mean my harddrives aren't filled with that footage, but I'm trying to keep The Journey as varied as possible. This is actually a great month for that and even this video of Vienna is quite different than what most parents post.
Man, why do I keep defending this shit. LOL.
Seriously, everytime I show a video of Vienna I write this long boring paragraph. Hmmmm. I know what it is. Imagine a guy holding 35 cardboard boxes he's determined not to drop. He drops one here and there, but explains that he's actually delivering those. Why? Because he told people he wouldn't drop them. I told all you wankers I wouldn't make The Journey a BABY SITE EXTRAVAGANZA so I pick and choose carefully and deliver what I think is actually interesting.
However the real reason it's so difficult? I'm basically a stay-at-home father right now. So since The Journey has always been documenting my life... that actually IS my life. I freaking ADORE each day I have. It's a spectacular gift to be able to share these moments with Vienna as they are as fleeting as every parent says. So yeah. Back to the song...
Catch shit right? Her little 6 note part was frighteningly accurate for a "kid song".
<Baa-baa-baa... ba-ba-ba!>
It's like she ripped it right from a kid song. I mean, I know it's a total coincidence and I know I changed the speed to get the rhythm right but, shit, maybe my kid is a genius! HAAAAAAAAAA. But we do spend quite a bit of time in front of the piano and she loves whacking at those keys. I'm surprised how hard she's able to hit them without hurting herself.
But finally, know this: I won't push these things on her in the least. It's our job as parents to introduce her to everything I possibly can and support what sticks. That's how she'll gain the confidence in her abilities: by finding them in her own time. In that respect? I was very lucky as a kid. This pic was taken in late spring 1979 when I was 3 at pre-school:
I found very quickly that I could hear a song, and figure it out on the piano...and then I did. A bunch. And when I found out I could do other things? I did. A bunch. At no time did I feel like I had to do one or the other, I followed my heart. You'd be amazed at how many children DON'T get this opportunity. Your kids tell you who they are over and over if you simply listen...
Vienna, today I listened to you make a song. I can't wait to see what you'll do tomorrow,