8:28 PM, Saturday, April 20th, 2013:
Ahhhh... a title nod to that video my father and I made nearly thirty years ago...
What an absolute treasure that video is to me. And 30 years later, my boy Kurtis (of "Worst Show on the Web" fame) texts me and asks: "Have any interest in paintball Saturday? We play at an abandoned former oil storage facility. Very super secret location."
Really? Do you really have to ask me? The world's first and longest running video blogger is in desperate need of non-baby video fodder and in 2013 I know exactly what to do on a Saturday Afternoon: an apocalyptic war game with paintballs and a camera and editing equipment my father and I could only dream of in the mid-80s...
Sooooooo fun. Sooooo kinda not legal maybe.
I mean, once you're in... you figure let's just float downstream and see what happens. These two guys that Kurtis knows are paintball nuts and have taken to finding abandoned places around LA and actually building cover and "sets" so to speak that most people, remarkably, leave alone. It looks like it belongs there and I guess until someone constructs something new on that space... so it shall be.
But make no mistake, we play our game or 2 and then move the fuck on. We actually saw 2 hikers and one guy was like "Oh, dude, should we worry?"
"Uhm, we have the guns... what would you do if you were them?"
I guess it goes to show you that in most cases? Look like you know what you're doing and you don't stand out. Even if you're in camo shooting and screaming at people.
Of the two "maps" we played (seriously, it was a videogame, so it's hard to stray from videogame terminology) the forrest was the most fun because of how much cover you had as you jumped around... but with a little work? The two buildings one could be amazing. I'd have even enjoyed playing capture the flag on both sides of the tinier house 3 on 3 so you could really piss your pants around corners. Just some awesome, awesome stuff.
Alright, back to life. Was fun to be a teenage boy again. THANK YOU KURTIS! Best text I've gotten in a long time. See you at The GolfKon Memorial.