1:20 PM, Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013:
Getting better at shots. Vienna just had her 6 month ones and I only sniffled for like 10 seconds.
SO YAY! RANDOMS! This time, an ALL-Running randoms because of just how insane this has become in my life.
1) Wow.
I ran a legit half-marathon on Saturday in under 1:55 without eating, training or even drinking water. In fact, I went nearly 2 miles PAST the half-marathon to 15 miles and honestly? I could've kept going. I was a little sore, sure, but wasn't winded. Just kinda kept goin'. I'm tellin' you guys, no one thinks I'm more full of shit than me right now. As I type the sentences I keep saying in my head:  "that's not true I had to have water at some point". I mean, yeah- at the end. Duh. But, wasn't thirsty during the run and had didn't hydrate before it. For whatever reason, I can run on empty.
2) By-pass a marathon?
I wrote about this last year but now that I'm hitting these kind of distances? Running for hours? It's really blowin' my mind. Doing a marathon seems kinda whimpy now. I feel like I should try for an ultra (50 miles). Training for that without injury seems nearly impossible, but it's clear that I have the mindset and the uncanny ability to store energy reserves in my fingernails or some shit. Most people do 5ks 10ks and half marathons before they ever attempt a marathon... could I be crazy enough to sign-up for a 50 miler without ever running in a marathon?
3) Time
That's actually the real issue here: who the fuck can train for 50 miles? I've been running about an hour every other day. I already feel guilty about that. The 15 miler took 2:15 and again, at some point when training for a 50 miler you're doing 25-30 miles at a clip. Yeah, I can't see me having 3-4 hours to blow a couple times a week for... what exactly? To see if I can do it? Uhm, I'm pretty sure I can do it. LOL. So actually doing it, doesn't seem as challenging. Trying to do something I don't think I can do? That's more exciting.
4) The World in Slow Motion
Other runners have to be able to attest to this - there's something fascinating about actually seeing what you usually drive past. I don't go anywhere to run, I just open my door and see where the pattern of lights take me. I'm smack dab in the middle of a city so I'm at the mercy of each intersection whether I go straight or turn. It's kinda cool to see where I end up. But even cooler? Is seeing all the businesses and little buildings you miss even though you've lived here for over a decade. It's what keeps it from being boring...
Which of course made running in Columbus the last week even cooler. There's a goddamned bike trail that goes all the way downtown!?!?! How cool is that?! Of course I ran that! First time I ran 6.2, next time I did 8.5 and on Saturday the legendary 15 miles. Of course my iPhone died at THIRTEEN.EIGHT GODDAMNIT so I have no proof that I went the extra 1.2, but whateva... I'll do it again. :-) What I may not do again however is run in snow...
How weird was it to wake up last week and find that I had somehow gone back in time to winter? I had uploaded the video of me running in LA, and then there was a freak snowstorm and, well, voila:
...but I'm a runner now, so you just shake your head and keep going. The trail in the woods looked absolutely gorgeous. Like a giant painting. Everyone in Columbus couldn't stop bitching but I have never been more grateful to experience that beauty. I mean, just seasons in general are a nice diversion. Rain, cool, snow, fall, spring, sunny, overcast! So fun.
7) Heel Striking
I've run a little bit here and there for my entire adult life in all honesty. It's more about being cheap than a love of running. In fact, until just this most recent turn at it? I have HATED it. This was the video not even a year ago:
What changed? I stopped striking my heel. I did it almost subconsciously because I kept getting a pain in my left knee. And little by little I started running on the balls of my feet. If I find a nice patch of grass during a run, I may strike mid-sole (basically the entirety of the foot, all at once) but on concrete? Ball of my feet. And suddenly my pain went away... I could seemingly go longer and longer and longer without pain. I'd come back and tell Talya:  "I went 5k before I felt my knee..." then it became 6k, 8k, 10k... pretty soon, it didn't hurt the entire run. I was baffled. I went online and ho-lee-shit, apparently this is some sort of revolution taking over running the past 5 years. There's even a shoe dedicated to it by a company called "Newton". The idea being, you simply lean forward on the balls of your feet, and gravity takes over. It's how little kids run, it's how we're supposed to run. So of course...
Thanks to some unfortunate fellow on Craigslist who got the wrong size (add 1/2 to 1 to your normal size for the right fit) I got what is a TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR FUCKING SHOE for $89. Word. They have these little pegs at the mid-foot that feels almost like stilts when you walk on them, but when you run? It's a whole new world. Kinda sucks about the whole "Greatest American Hero" color scheme, but whatchoo gonna do. Running shoes look like this. I'm almost used to it at this point.
That it has nothing to do with my weight loss. No one wanted to hear that in Ohio and no one reading probably wants to either, but running one hour, 2 times a week? Burns about 1300 calories for someone with a normal metabolism who is 150 pounds. That doesn't even allow me an extra 200 calories a day to eat. I'm tellin' you folks, it's your diet. Physical activity, unless you're doing over an hour a DAY, just isn't going to help you as much as putting down the food. I mean think about it, running a 5k wouldn't even burn off a pack of pop tarts for me. <shakes head> If you want to lose weight, take in less calories first, second, third and fourth. If the number you have to stay at to lose weight feels too low? Throw in some exercise, but after killing yourself a few times, if you're anything like me? You're probably gonna chose to just eat less. All physical activity should probably be recreational if you're 30 or more pounds overweight anyway. That shit will just destroy your knees/joints.
Alright - Nine is Enough. Happy running.