11:31 AM, Monday, April 1st, 2013:
It just doesn't get any better than that. Well, it could - the entire family could be there - but that's a divorced kid's dream that just will never be realized. Everyone segmented, everyone seperate... to someone who is 2000 away from this family it all seems very odd. You know, the drama. You won't "break bread" with him? With her?
So it falls to the younger genreation to wait until those people die and maybe, just maybe be open and honest with each other and choose love over fear. Who am I kidding though. Every young generation thinks that and we all get old and cranky.
But how adorable is my cousin singing with the ukelele? Actually stunned she sat down in front of everyone and did that. I wouldn't have done that at her age. Very cute, and hey I get to use other music for a Journey video!!!
Anyway, I love the big holiday get togethers more than anything. The more the merrier to me. Pack 'em in, watch the kids be kids and sit with a little ouzo and watch the old get older. I guess in the end I'm just a people person and in fact? I actually DO dig the drama and the clashing personalities - I just want them all together for the video possibilities. LMAO. Oh and about the video...
Jacob "sat on his phone" and "Accidentally dialed 911" and then hung up. The cops came and "Explained to him" that that's really, really not cool - especially on holidays when there are legit emergencies and that they're now being taken away from those because of Jacob's butt. So made the video to me. What's a holiday without the cops, right? LMAO. GOod stuff.
And of course, Vienna was a big hit. This is a family of SIX children and of course the youngest, Gracie, was the most excited for Vienna's presence as she's never really had a baby to play with. :-) Wish we were closer. Usually that's the theme of my visits back to Columbus as we're leaving...
...not so much anymore. Hmmmm.