9:50 PM, Friday, March 29th, 2013:
I knew the day would come. I knew it nearly 10 years ago when we decided to let go. Christ it was probably as strong a feeling I'd had since we were married. It would be hard... but we would stay close, our kids would play together and it wouldn't feel the least bit strange. It would however make me cry a little. And anyone who has followed The Journey will do the same after this...
Make no mistake, they're tears of joy. We did it. We did the right thing. It's as much a fairy tale to me as Talya. You can't control how the fairy tale ending will happen, but you can certainly be honest enough to allow it to... it just requires both people to believe. And lemme tell you - you will be alone if you believe you belong together as friends and not husband and wife. Your family will think you're nuts, you're friends will think you're nuts - FUTURE people will think there must still be those feelings... it's as isolated a story to pull off as you can imagine. But when you do? It's one of the most rewarding, proud accomplishments of your life. Weird, huh?
So the visit with Jess & Jeff was painfully short this time. We got to do a "parent dinner" which isn't exactly leisurely... and then Jeff had to get to sleep early for work. Bummer. Talya and I were able to stay up with Jess and make some oatmeal cookie shots and watch Family Ties. I had to type that sentence because I'm certain I never will again. LOL. Throw in yet ANOTHER Donatos pizza the following afternoon and a day at the park? Good times. As always, wish they were closer. What a joy it will be watching our kids grow up. This really is a big trip back for me. A new chapter begins and I'm amazed at how fulfilling it is. Then again, how can it not be when you look at a picture like this?
HA. Vienna loves little kids man. She finds them remarkably fascinating. She must've stared at Zoe for hours. She's only ever seen babies her age, so this whole "little person" who can walk and talk thing is pretty eye-opening.
Good stuff. Can't wait to see Volume 2 sometime soon. :-)