11:25 PM, Wednesday, March 27th, 2013:
If Jess and I now feel like brother and sister, Burg and I are probably distant cousins. Mind you, having nothing to do with how we get along, it's just the simple fact that we started going out in 1993. Twenty years ago. We were together for 4 years and have now been apart for 16. The memory of that time is now actually a childhood memory to us. The entirety of our relationship has been as friends who have an interesting bond because we were once married. It's why I always stress to anyone who will listen to focus on the new label, forgive the old one ('cause it was obviously incorrect), and find your peace. Because of that? You get these absolutely wonderful moments when your dear friend meets your baby.
A big thank you to everyone this week who will be uncomfortably videotaped because they happen to be friends with the first videoblogger who couldn't keep the camera off these moments if he tried. These are my defining moments for me and are visions I've had in my head for years. It's what you imagine and hope for when your labels change and honestly? Part of you believes you're fooling yourself. Who really maintains a friendship with their exes? Is someone you had a relationship with 16 years ago really going to want to hang out with you and see your baby?
Thankfully, fortunately and as a testament to just how much we cared about each other regardless of labels... yes. They will want to meet your kid and then take you and your wife out for a pizza and beer while the grandmothers watch said kid. Forever. Every stage. Lifetime friends with a funny bond that your kids will never understand. That kid with a WHOLE bunch of "Aunts". LOL. I guess that's why you have The Journey, at some point in their lives they'll find it and figure out how the world can work if you lead with your heart. It isn't a painless journey, but it sure is rewarding.
Of course up next is Jess which ups the emotion considerably since our kids are actually going to meet each other. What will be commonplace for the next 20 years absolutely blows my mind thinking about it now. I'm a very lucky man.