11:30 PM, Tuesday, March 26th, 2013:
It's the race that nearly always ends up this way, but it's fun nonetheless. Vienna has been "talking" for months and has inadvertently said everything at one time or another. Make noise, move mouth and have your fingers in and around said mouth and lalalalaldadadadayayayayamamama is sure to follow. Often I would catch Talya secretly saying "Mama!" to her as I would run in and say "DADA DADA!" and if her Oma was there it would be a 3 ring circus of "OMA MAMA DADA!" while Vienna stared at our insanity. We decided that she would have to repeat the word back to us repeatedly before we considered it the first word. And for over a half an hour, early Sunday morning, she certainly did that...
...to the point where Talya was happy to tell me: "She's calling for you..." while we were trying to sleep. Yes, several sleepless nights here as the kid's clock is all sorts of messed up. Forget the jet lag... everyone just wants to see her and, well, they're going to. So the kid gets sleep when she can and, well, we can sleep when we get home. Maybe.
But of course it's either how remarkably "baby doll" she looks or her saying "dada" all night that makes you giggle and smile inside even if you haven't slept through the night in 6 months. It's just so precious and man, if I didn't realize the value of The Journey before, I sure realize it now. It's all a few clicks away. I mean, the value was a bit murkier when I was documenting my dissent into madness for 10 years, but now? It's a no-brainer. It's my own living, breathing story-book and I still get so excited about all the videos that are coming.
Up next? My first wife meets my daughter. What a beautiful life I lead.