1:36 PM, Saturday, March 23rd, 2013:
Funny that the main goal for an entire 10 day trip to Columbus was achieved within hours of stepping off the plane. The Journey desperately needed this video...
...and as are most things that involve Vienna, my inner-editor just can't make the obvious cuts. He lets the video drag until the last possible second of music 'cause it just needs to sink in. These are the times that the distance from your family aches. I will capture hours of personal video during this trip, and it will never be enough to make up the eventual lost time. I wish that wasn't the first thing that comes to mind when making this video, but it's the truth.
To those happening upon this video without a back story, my father was unable to visit last fall because of a coinciding heart surgery the month Vienna was born. So nearly 6 months later was the first time he or my step-mother Lonna had to meet her. It's tougher yet because they both still have day-jobs that won't allow them to spend more than a handful of moments with her during this trip but for this one day, everyone was able to breathe a sigh of relief because all was right. Even Lonna making Vienna laugh within seconds was just wonderful... as if she had always been around and Vienna instinctively knew she was part of the family.
It's very weird calling my father Papou, and I assume it's strange for all new fathers the shift within your family names. A little different for Talya in that her mother's moniker for Vienna is Oma, and Talya didn't call her grandmother that... but for me? Papou is that old guy. Ironically, the guy who was in HIS FORTIES when I came into the world... so my father, at 62, more than fits the name - but it's remarkably surreal to me. As is any of this actually happening. It's all SO fast. Which, damnit, brings me right back to that feeling of time slipping through my fingers as I try to pack as many moments as possible.
This will be a bittersweet week, but one I am so excited to start. So many first meetings ushering in a new chapter of my life.