12:37 PM, Sunday, March 17th, 2013:
Strangely, I never understood the importance of date night until hearing about The Obamas continuing it even though he was president. That just struck me. "Jesus, they find it THAT important? They schedule it in alongside meeting heads of state?" You know? Like, "oh yeah, can't do Wednesday, Michelle and I are going to dinner." Crazy, right?
Turns out, not so crazy. In fact? I'd say it may be the singlemost important thing to do as a married couple. Especially a married couple with children: always find a way, once a week, to be alone for a couple of hours being the two of you. It doesn't matter if you spend tons of time together during the week, etc. There is something special about getting all dressed up, doin' your hair, wearing CLEAN clothes - and sharing dinner or whatnot with your significant other. The exact same way you would at 16 when you dated in high school. Which, in fact, was about the last time I ever did that. And with Talya? Uhm, she just came over in December 2010 and didn't leave. LMAO. We rarely if ever "dated". But now? We look forward to that day of the week more than anything else. We are eternally grateful to her mother who, like clockwork, is here after a long week of work, ready to play with Vienna so we can go out. Sometimes, our date night has been sitting on the swing in the backyard talking - but we don't miss a week. Sushi and carb-o-lite ice cream tend to be our favorite things to share... which was the entirety of our Friday night. :)
Putting the video together I came upon this still:
Not sure what it is about that that I adore but I adore it. Even though I'm doing a self-shot it looks unposed and captures moments that you never really see of yourself in the world around you. Like any photographer (good one anyway) I abhor posed pictures. I don't want posed pictures, I want REAL pictures. In 20 years I want to look back and see what was real, not what was posed. This is one of those stills and it feels like history to me. This picture makes me feel like I'm 65 looking at a moment in time that is far behind me. Smiling. Remembering how I thought the grey hairs in my beard made me look "old" when clearly I was anything but old in that picture. Now, at 65, I'm old - but what the hell was I worrying about then?!?!? That's the thing about The Journey. Everything that gets set in stone in these entries becomes past immediately. It's on the timeline. It is set. It's immovable. I love that. To death.
As we both love date nights. We've now easily gone on three times the dates since Vienna has been born than we ever did as a single couple. Funny how that works, isn't it? We're so lucky. Living in a fairy tale has a lot more to do with your own attitude than some fantastically random series of events... but we do have our own share of those. I guess what I mean is that simply by documenting our lives like a picture-book, you inevitably get those "fairy tale" moments. I'm romantacizing a freaking date night for crying out loud - so it has far more to do with HOW you treat the moments of your life as opposed to them being actually spectacular... but even with all that? Stripping away all the colors, the videos, the music, the creativity put into shaping this fairy tale? We actually are lucky. There was an incredibly random stroke of luck that involves us meeting and things did fall into place effortlessly and continue to do so. We actually do find happiness in the little things and our biggest issue is how to properly appreciate JUST how lucky we are. You know? You actually forget sometimes. Then you hear other people's stories and BAM: we're so lucky. We have so much time. Granted, we have that time because of how we choose to spend the money we do have but we are also incredibly fortunate...
...even if that means some date nights? We split a $5 footlong and a $5 beer at the Tonga Hut and giggle at the people we see along the way. We get to be Adam & Talya for a few moments at the very least, every week for the rest of our lives.
Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.