5:09 PM, Monday, March 4th, 2013:
I have to have written about this before on the site, right? Or it's just obvious... I never sustain a hairstyle. Ever. I cut it short, it grows to my shoulders and I cut it off again. Haven't paid for a haircut in 20 years. Seems like an incredible waste to me and I honestly get so bored with concerning myself with "fashion" or "style" that I pay attention to something else and my hair is to my shoulders again. I like jeans and t-shirts and hair is like this bodily function you can deal with once a year as opposed to shaving which is REALLY annoying.
So yeah, I cut all my hair off again:
Is it weird that I care so little about it? I mean, when I'm overweight I try ridiculous things to make me look skinnier (see CBS years), but even that seems to be too much trouble 'cause in the end I say to myself: "Dude, if you really wanted to be skinny you'd workout and eat right, but down the clippers." and I go write a song or move about my day. I guess I only think about my appearence if I'm meeting someone and when the hell does that happen? Hell even on these videos I just, want to capture reality so why would I worry about my hair for those?
The closest I ever had to a style was probably August-September of last year. That mid-length which I actually do prefer (this shit is way too short now) but the cheapest and easiest way to achieve that mid-length? Buzz your head 6 months before you want that. LOL. The idea of going every month to maintain that hair length seems so ridiculously self-centered and that money can go towards the mortgage. I'm realizing how weird I am the longer I type. There is the other side of this...
...I can actually pull off every hair length. If I'm in the 150s? I can pull off the military cut. I like my hair mid-length, I like it long... I guess I have a good face shape for hair? I don't know, but if it looked horrible short I probably wouldn't be cutting my own hair and then maybe I'd think monthly haircuts were worthwhile. Since every stage is like playing another character for me? I'm more apt to do it. Hmm, so I guess that means I'm actually hyper-aware of how I look and DO actually care about it. LOL. This entry is a giant oxymoron.
But I've saved thousands over my lifetime, so there is that. ;)