9:23 PM, Wednesday, January 30th, 2013:
Maybe I'm the only one who finds this remarkable (well me and the guy who I called), but through ALL the shit I've been through in the past 9 years? Every time I came across this dude's business card, I saved it. It got transfered to a million boxes, but at any given time in the last 9 years? I knew where that card was. Why? Because when Jess and I were having our house texture-coated and repainted in 2004 I pulled the guy aside and told him that I was gonna be redoing the garage and asked if I could just pay him under the table to finish just the new wall that I was putting up. I was already paying the scam-worthy price of $9000 (it was an actual honest-to-goodness scam, they are now out of business) for the stucco work and the house and garage, and figured the only way to MATCH the rest of the tex-cote was to have the same people come back. He was awesome. He came back one day when I was at work and did it for $400. It looked incredible and he gave me his card and I couldn't thank him enough. Always told him I would use him again if I needed to.... and wouldn't you know it? 9 years later I did...
Bwahahahaha. I hope you laughed at the names as much as I did. He saw my kid and was like "Wow, you guys have been married a long time!" and I just shook my head: "Yeah, no, not so much..." 5 women have lived with me in this house and even crazier? Talya has lived here longer than all of them. What a crazy 10 years I had. And "Asterisk" was my way of protecting the 2010 relationship that was every definition of awful. After several entries of writing her name ******, I figured I'd just spell it out. It's not to belittle her by any means, in may ways she was the most life changing 6 months I've ever lived and we both were at our absolute lowest points. To be stuck in the same house for seemingly EVER when you aren't a match with someone is so difficult. I pray she's as happy as she looks in her Facebook pics and I'm glad we can still talk whenever one of us wants to (though we don't really ever seem to want to - lol). If she's reading this: I would give you a gigantic hug if I saw you today. We went through some shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I hope you're kicking ass.
Anyway, the guys were were awesome. I spent most of my time helping them out and sharing stories with the main dude who spoke english. He was uber-impressed at everything I had constructed and call me racist if you'd like, but when a Mexican gives you props on your building ability, you've done good, brother. Yes, that was racist, but I actually felt really good when he was impressed and it was 100% because I am racist. So I'm honest.
Damn near ready for this SuperBowl party. Big GolfKon tournament that will be a yearly event! Can't wait. Cannot WAIT!