2:22 PM, Saturday, January 26th, 2013:
While transferin' some stuff into our attic I found two boxes of albums. Guess what's like the biggest, greatest, most colorful book Vienna has ever seen? Albums are. I forgot how nice and tactile it was to journey through your albums, singing the songs to yourself as you go. I figured that was a good time to teach Vienna some of the finer points.
That could literally have go on for days. Not only is it all my records, but when WTVN went from spinning records at night to straight talk? They gave away their album collection to the employees. I am still pissed that BJ Patton got Buckner & Garcia's Pac-Man Fever before I did. 18 years ago man. Let it go.
For about 2 seconds I toyed with the idea of setting up a record player to go through some of them, but a funny thing happened. I picked any song from any album and typed it into my iPad on YouTube. And it came up. And I listened to it, and then did it again. <shakes head> That's the future we live in. If I really wanted to I could download the artwork for every album, scroll through it on my iPad and listen to any song I wanted to in seconds. And because of the contracts YouTube has signed with nearly every record company, they actually get their artist's paid through clicks, links to download the song on iTunes and YouTube gets some ad revenue. Remarkable system.
Since I've been in the "make more space" mode for quite awhile now, I can't really wax poetic or long for the days of the "album stash" quite yet. I may get there. Music meant so much to all of us in our teens and it's inevitable that other things replace it. I've also captured my memories in virtual form and stored them online since the 90s, so that concept is more than just old hat to me: it is me. But, yeah, kinda, a little bit, I do miss the excitement of sitting in the basement with my Uncle, finding my dad's Richard Pryor albums and SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOWLY putting the needle on the record and listening as low as we could. Seeing the colorful artwork of "Bicentennial Nigger" and knowing it had to be incredible. Or, gasp, actual nudity on a cover?!?! Nothing more precious in the world. The lengths a kid in the 70s and 80s would go to to see or hear adult things knew no bounds and now? How stupid do you have to be to not find whatever you want on the internet? It takes no scheming, no creativity, hell you barely have to spell, with a few keystrokes you'll find that shit. Bummer. Like it or not, that ease of use actually takes a good chunk of fun out of your childhood. I mean, it's great as an adult, but part of being a kid is scheming AROUND your parents. That's your JOB. And it's their job to catch you. It's like Cops & Robbers and now the robbers can sit in their underwear eating a pizza and break into a bank on their PHONE.
Weak. Of course this shift happened loooooooooong ago. Jimmy, at 24, walked in and saw the albums and said:
"What are the little ones?".
I sigh: "They're 45s... you know, 33, 45..." I just sigh again...
"Oh they're records too? You're old."
I stare blankly out the window and then grumble under my breath. And suddenly I understand how old men become old men. Younger men. Trying to compose themselves before LOSING THEIR SHIT around younger men.
Good day everyone,