7:44 AM, Sunday, January 20th, 2013:
It's not an understatement to say watching a child grow up is fascinating. And when you're talking about the definition of something as elusive as "humor", it boggles the mind even more. On Friday, Vienna never as much as smiled at LeeLoo, last night? LeeLoo was funny. It was like someone replaced our baby because she had never done anything close to a laugh. I was so shocked I didn't even grab my camera and then finally realized it and ran to grab it. I caught the tail end of it and it was a bit more subdued, but it's clearly something she couldn't contain...
As a parent you're struck with whatever combination of things made that kid laugh because you wanna put it on a LOOP.
Jimmy "big pimpin" Kontras had a pretty "friend" come by and Vienna noticed her right away. She smiled and looked positively enamored. Maybe it was 'cause the girl smelled pretty too? Who the hell knows, but I can honestly say I had never seen her act like this when anyone else came over, but even that could just be one of those things that wouldn't have happened the previous or following day. She was also tired, no idea where that plays into it...
So LeeLoo jumps on the new person and the girl tells her lightly, no stay down, and LeeLoo just can't stand it and is jumping in little circles and jumps up again. Vienna is watching this... the third time the girl tries to stop LeeLoo from jumping Vienna straight up guffaws. I look at that kid in sheer amazement as she continues to actually laugh at LeeLoo jumping on this poor girl. I now stop trying to get LeeLoo to chill and proceed to tell her to jump all OVER the girl. She does the same as we're all laughing in amazement. We try to explain to her that this has never happened before, and I'm not sure she believes us. It keeps going and I finally realize I'm not recording it. I grab my camera and as you saw, catch the tail end of it.
But, what the hell is that? I mean, I get it, there has to be a point where you can laugh when you couldn't before... it's not like a fetus is finding the placenta hilarious... but what clicks over? I mean, kids laugh instinctually when they expect one thing to happen, and another thing does - but could she really have gathered at 14 or 15 weeks on the planet that we don't want LeeLoo to jump? It could just be that LeeLoo acting like a spazz was funny but LeeLoo's middle NAME is spazz... so, I'm just... bewildered that yesterday Vienna's little noggin' said:  "HA. That tiny bitch is a riot." Though subsequent attempts to make her laugh with LeeLoo failed once the girl left. <throws hands up>
And listen, I know I'm doing exactly what I said I wouldn't when it comes to documenting every damn thing that kid does, but since I don't technically have a JOB? I really am just documenting my life. I work on stuff outside and I play with that kid, so if The Journey is going to exist for the foreseeable future I'm gonna be doing entries like this. It's much more a testament to the fact that I have fuck all going on in my life career wise, than it does that I'm uber-baby-obsessed...
...but if I don't get the next kid's first laugh recorded? Oh I will hear that shit in a decade. Whew.