6:28 PM, Monday, January 7th, 2013:
Not sure if he wants to be called Ko-Ko. I mean, it's so easy... Kosta Koufas. Anyway, in the case of the title, I meant Kontras-Koufos. Why am I typing, this is a video blog:
So bummed he wasn't able to come down. Kind of a big lead up to that moment in the video, but what can you do? That was the story. Glad I got the shot of him shaking Jack's hand though.
Jimmy texted him this picture and he replied: "that's what's up! lol" Good shit.
However, what is missing from this video is the unbelievable amount of footage. While breaking it all down I finally had to throw my hands up and make this two entries. With all the drama on the Lakers right now it works out pretty good (and I do root for them, so it's been crazy to watch), but I wanted Kosta to have his own entry without the Laker-stuff.
So yeah, as I said in the video, Jimmy really was a superfan at OSU. I mean, how does this happen:
It's all who you know man. Very cool.
And since the Lakers are intent on imploding the rest of the year, our only chance to see Kosta again is if the Nuggets meet the Clippers in the playoffs. Which, believe it or not, if the playoffs were held today:
That would be the first round match-up. Wow.
So it gives this Lakers fan something else to root for, but as you'll see from my next entry, I'm just as enamored with the odyssey that is that team. Just, wow. If they don't make the playoffs it will easily be the biggest bust of a "super-team" ever. I mean, EVER.
Keep kickin' ass Kosta. And don't let anyone give you shit about the snow skis at the end of your legs. You're a starting center in the freaking NBA.