11:44 PM, Saturday, December 29th, 2012:
So the crazy workout and running routine starts up again in the new year and I thought I'd go out with a bang. McDonalds is advertising the 40 piece McNuggets for $8.99 - you know where this is heading: CONTEST!!!! And thankfully, I have someone stupid enough to do it with me. Paddy actually turned me down. LOL. The rest is JOURNEY HISTORY:
I'm gonna talk down here for a bit so I don't give away the ending to people watching it on the site...
So a couple things:
1) How stupid was I changing it to 50? I could speedily eat 40... then I was screwed. The thing is though? If we had done, say, how many can you EAT in 30 minutes? Oh, I would've gotten to 60 or 70 easy. I can go forever, however the SPEED was making me nauseous after 40. I wanted to keep going and the faster I went, the more I thought I was gonna yarf... so I straight up lost and I got no one to blame for myself on that. Total nod to Jimmy for his steady pace and perfect timing. Well played, sir. We shall meet again...
2) The video originally had the Indiana Jones music like the drinking contest (which is why I'm wearing the hat) but since I uploaded it in 2012 instead of 2010? It was taken down. Fucking Warner Music bullshit AGAIN. This has to be the most nearsighted publishing company ever. Welcome to the 21st Century you dumbasses. You WANT your musical in VIRAL VIDEO HITS. Because the maker can't make a DIME off it, and you can put your ads ALL OVER THE VIDEO and SELL TONS OF DOWNLOADS. So incredibly stupid I can't even believe it. They are throwing away money and they're the only company doin' it. <face palm> I like my dad's song, of course, but the Indy Music is a theme for stupid contests. Throw an ad on there, get some downloads. I mean, you have people CREATING ADS for you and you block it? What? Stupid. Just stupid. The other companies are laughing their asses of.
3) It is odd that both of us really had no problem knockin' out 50 nuggets isn't it? I mean, I was at THIRTY GODDAMN CHICKEN NUGGETS and it wasn't the least bit uncomfortable. Jimmy's a few months removed from college, so I guess I kind of get it... but this is an innordinate amount of food. I'm kinda impressed at how well we both did and how close it ended up being.
4) The drunk video is far more entertaining, because, well, we were drunk. Need I remind you...
Far more dangerous however, and I am glad I'm actually here to even write about it. Some bad shit happened after that. Ugh.
5) Yes, I know what's in a NUGGET. It's poison the same way alcohol is. <shrugs> Welcome to earth, where there are dietary choices that can kill you. Make them sparingly and stop stressing about it. I have been so much happier since I accepted this. When I need to bear down and get fit, I can do it... and I have no problem taking a couple weeks in December and having fun. Just gives me incentive and something to shoot for when I'm running. I will never be able to avoid junk food forever. I just won't. Not as long as I live in this country. It's not even worth trying. Every now and then it's fun to have. Granted, FIFTY is a bit much, but accepting cheat weeks (or the entirety of December - lol) is part of the joy that is life in the 21st Century. Love it... but get your ass movin' in January. :-)
So congrats again to Jimbo (woah, CD101 flashback), I'm not sure what the next "challenge" will be but it's good to know I have a partner in crime. You are a worthy competitor at being stupid and this was a fun video to put together.
Game on.