11:25 PM, Friday, December 28th, 2012:
What do you do when life is just perfect? I take that back... what becomes of "The Journey" when life is just perfect? I need to find some sort of direction in the new year to write/document towards... because everything that is actually happening in my life is perfect. Like, spooky perfect.
Our only plans for the day was to watch our wedding videos and in a ridiculously romantic and symbolic moment, feed Vienna a taste of our meticulously stored wedding cake on what is her own celebration of exactly 3 months on the planet. As well, Jimmy's mom and Kallie are still in town so a trip to the Getty was in order. Sounds like a fun video to me...
Haaaaaaaaa. If it wasn't for the incredible timing of Vienna being born exactly 9 months after our wedding... we would never, ever feed SUGAR to our baby to start her off on food. But as you could see... she's still young enough to not be a fan, and she ain't getting food again until probably 6 months. Great reaction though.
And how's 'bout that cake still being good a year later? Again, I only see the symbolism of how perfect everything continues to be against all odds. It's the one thing I do indeed cherish the "mean girls" for. When that all started, it was human nature to go: "here we go again, another uphill battle just to BE." It has made me appreciate how easy things are now a lot more. A constant reminder of how simple, beautiful and EASY life is when you remove the negative, crazy, sociopathic, insecure, attention seeking, arrogant, center-of-attention whores. Why I ever thought they may have actually learned from our peaceful example is beyond me, but they certainly set a starting point for our gratitude.
Someone said to me when they found out we were having a baby that it sucked we never got to be that newly married couple before the baby came. Traveling, etc. Sure, I can see that... but something really cool happens when you play the cards you're dealt: you play the cards you're dealt. There hasn't been one second of this first year of marriage where I didn't feel like the luckiest man in the world. That's not a "line" for the public, it's just the truth. You don't think about what you're missing when you're happy. You're too busy being happy. Both Talya and I were really lucky to have traveled a LOT before we met and because of how similar we are? It almost feels like the memories ARE together. We travel the same way (more people watching than site-seeing) and our time will come later. But, duh, we now get to see the world through our kid's eyes. Is anything more fun than that? I just want to be with her, and our family, every day. It's that simple. Just give me that and I can tackle anything. I don't have an idealized version of what a couple's life SHOULD be together, or what order things should happen in, etc. I wake up each day and GET to go up to the plate and see what the pitcher throws at me. And no one I've ever known can handle pitches like me. So it's fun. And I get to do it with Talya next to me every day? Wow. I'm just not wanting for anything unless someone tells me to be... at which point I walk away from them, and go back to my happiness.
So happy anniversary Talya... it seems almost silly to celebrate 1/50th of our future time together, but I'm glad we did it anyway. As I say in the song, if there's a better union, I swear I'll never know. You're the peace I've searched for in my life.
I adore you,