5:14 PM, Sunday, December 23rd, 2012:
Absolutely breathtaking...
I just...
...she is really photogenic, right? I'm not just being the normal annoying dad, right? Right?
That video is about the most precious thing I've ever witnessed and I'm sad it doesn't go longer. I really did bring it onto the timeline and say out loud "how do I edit this?". Just so precious...
...not to say she's always like that. I will be the first to tell you, she is quite fussy and quite particular and I will be stunned if this kid has one OUNCE of mellow in her until she's 50. But in pictures? A perfect angel. Thought I'd collect a few from the last couple of months that have made their way onto Facebook but alluded The Journey...
Anything cuter than baby toes? No.
Whutup Pops!??!
GO FREAKING BUCKS. 2012-0 the year she was born.
Christmas Tree Lights are amazing... man look at those lashes.
If my hands aren't throbbing, there's time for tunes before bed...
Talya took this pic. I adore the disheveled cropping to go with Vienna's hair. Perfect.
Laura got Vienna some new threads. Dig it.
So, as you could see from the video, we're in the "wonder" stage of baby-life. Everything she sees is new. Everything is amazing. She can't wait to figure everything out. This will obviously continue for many years but my honest-to-goodness goal is to use my life and experiences to help her keep that sense of wonder forever. Talya too. All the places we've traveled, all the parts of life we've experienced (good and bad)... life really is spectacular if you make everything a "chapter" and not a "book". I'm still stunned at how often people look at every moment in their life as "DEFINING" instead of "momentary". Life is a series of chapters and you just keep turning the pages. Not one thing ever defines you for any longer than you want it to. That's why I still have wonder. That's why I still believe anything is possible. And yes, as every parent says, I look into Vienna's eyes and I do indeed believe anything is possible. The roads I had to travel to get to look in those eyes were so long and sooooo winding. (warm sigh).
Alright, it's SUSHI TIME. Jimmy's sister Kallie and their mom Karen (technically my 2nd cousin and, uhm... shit I don't know but we are related) are here and Kallie is a big sushi fan so Talya and I are taking her to our favorite spot. It's certainly nice to have family for the holidays. Oh and incredibly... Jimmy is still going to try to commute to Anaheim in the new year while working at Disneyland. Crazy. Then again, because of extremely early hours he can pull it off in about 45 minutes, but whew... just seems insane to me to make that drive. The man IS all things DISNEY so nothing should surprise me really.
Wow, only three more entries left in 2012. The years just don't get any better than this.