9:44 PM, Thursday, December 20th, 2012:
Wai-wai-wai-wai-wait, grenade launchers on your assault rifle... those are legal?
Wai-wai-wai-wai-wait, you don't need a background check to buy a gun? Didn't we deal with that 20 years ago? Talked about it on WTVN all the time. I guess it's rant time...
Duh. The thing is? I'm pro-gun. Completely. For protection, for hunting, hell for arming yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse I don't give a fuck... but certain guns are stupid to have in the general population and we should be focusing our time and money on getting rid of those and CERTAINLY on keeping them illegal. 100 round magazines? 7 shots a second? Huh? Why? In fact, people that are pro-gun? Should be pissed off that the NRA hasn't regulated themselves better. 'Cause now we're in this situation. If you don't self-regulate GRENADE LAUNCHERS, you risk everything getting banned. You have a gun show loophole for background checks? You risk all the people that had their background checks getting theirs legally down the road. Now? Now there will be more regulations. You couldn't get your shit together and regulate yourself (uh, let's proliferate guns that shoot 7 shots a second for... deer hunting!) and now the federal government will do it for you. Dumbasses.
But of course there's this age-old line that I argues on the radio:
And using my IndyCar analogy?
There's just no valid argument to that. It would be remarkably dangerous to have IndyCars on our freeways and in our neighborhoods. They aren't designed for that. In the LEAST. Neither are assault rifles. Neither are military grade weapons... DUH. There is absolutely no debate unless you happen to own one of these and want to continue to.
Again, it sucks, because I like the "gun control" debate. I like siting the 2nd ammendment and freaking out people who hate ALL GUNS. I like the concealed carry laws... but come on people, grenade launchers? 100 round magazines? They just have no business in our society. Don't believe me? Look at statistics from other countries. There just isn't a good counter-argument.
Thankfully, there's political will for it now no matter how tragic the path that got us here. And to the pro-gun crowd: Without sensible gun control laws? EVERYONE'S GUNS ARE IN JEOPARDY. Ya know how if you couldn't play nice when you were a kid your parents eventually took your toys away? Even though it wasn't YOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR fault? Well, like it or not, if you don't apply some common sense to your "hobby" everyone's gonna lose. So support common sense things like background checks (fucking, duh) and limits on magazines, etc. and all will be fine. No one is "taking your guns away".