9:47 PM, Wednesday, December 12th, 2012:
So it's 12.12.12 for the rest of the world... presently in our house however it's 1952. Yes, thanks to my construction project, we've had to re-arrange our lives to such, that it might as well be the stone age.
As anyone who has read this journey-thingee can probably surmise... I'm kinda big on "equality" in relationships. It's always a "Team", there are hardly any roles... simply everyone does as much as they can for as long as they can until they collapse when it comes to working/housework/cleaning and of course the kiddos. The first 6 weeks of Vienna's life I was with her at every feeding and in the middle of the night I would feed her while Talya pumped. Great teamwork, made things go swimmingly and I personally found it so rewarding I could barely stand it.
Of course, that meant everything else kinda stopped. Trying to finish all the construction left around the house on no sleep is not only difficult, it's dangerous considering what I'm doing. So about a month ago Talya moved into the living room with the baby and the bassinet at night so I could get enough sleep to be able to function while doing electric/plumbing, etc.
A month later? I feel like I'm in a Honeymooners episode. I go to work on "the site" while Talya cleans the house and takes care of the kid. I usually make my own breakfast and lunch and she makes dinner. After a couple weeks of that? It's a little eerie how you fall into your role. I'm constantly dirty so I can't really touch the baby. After 12 or so hours I collapse into a shower and can barely move the rest of the night. Knuckles swollen, aching even holding the baby hurts. I pass out and repeat the next day... ad infinitum.
Even though she's a few feet awayI miss the baby-time so much. And I hate sleeping alone now even though it's a necessity to be able to pull off everything before Jimmy's mom and sister get here on the 21st. Part of me's hopin' the Mayans are right so I have an excuse for falling short. Then again, I fell short by not having everything done by the time the baby got here. At this point, I'm hoping to pull everything off by baby #2 (no I'm not announcing anything). :-)
What I find even more peculiar is that I find myself looking forward to that dinner sooooooo much. I think about it while I work and can't wait to sit and talk about how her day was and how my day was. Can you tell I just really missed having WORK of any type? I adore being productive, but I've never been in the relationship where I work all day and the wife stays home. I've never, ever, ever wanted that... but sometimes, your environment dictates that. It does however just feel like we're playing roles and I'm excited for it to end. I am not the type of person that has any expectations when it comes to housework, cooking, cleaning, etc. It all just has to be done and I'll be the first to do it. However, when there's a project that only one of you can do? The other has to pick up all the slack. I'm amazed at how much we get along. All drama is outside of us. It's unreal how true that is. And how true it would be even if we were living in 1952.
Thankfully, we're not.
The video is rather funny... this past weekend the baby suddenly became a "baby" and not a "newborn". She talks all the time and is far more "with it". She's quite taken with her mobile, toys, etc and watching her with the "zebra cat" has been especially funny. She's legitimately annoyed with it, and not afraid to tell that to him. So weird seeing something only a handful of weeks old show genuine emotion other than the normal "fussy" or "happy". She gives Zebra Cat an earful...