10:45 PM, Friday, November 23rd, 2012:
IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!! Vienna's first tree!!! AHHHH. Watch the video...
So fun. Though we may have to start going to a different place or the videos are gonna be awfully boring.
Have I mentioned that? It's the best Adamvention ever. Screw milk or water. Make your favorite cup of coffee, whatever sugar/creamer whateva you like... and follow the cocoa directions but just throw in your coffee. It'll allow you to type paragraphs like this in THREE SECONDS!
So yeah, as you can tell from the video, we're kinda lovin' life. I can't believe it's already Christmas time and I'm thrilled at the same time. This was exactly what Talya and I dreamed of by choosing a December 28th Wedding date making for a magical end of the year every year for the rest of our lives. It makes us celebrate our anniversary the whole month too. :-)
Anyway, I have to cut this short as I'm getting up early again to continue constuction stuff and Talya's watchin' Vienna all night for me so I can sleep. Of course the cocoa may have different plans. Then again, I am beat.
JUST LIKE MICHIGAN IS GONNA BE TOMORROW. Here's hopin' I can get a good couple of hours in before the game and then they win, and then I'll be pumped to do more. Ha. 12-0 would be such a beautiful "fuck you" to the NCAA sanctions. And it's old-school poetic to end the season against the team up north.