2:25 PM, Wednesday, November 7th, 2012:
...and then on top of that, the two states in 2008 that were absolute SHOCKERS, Indiana and North Carolina?!?! The youth vote for him went UP? The black vote for him went UP? The Latino vote for him went UP?
I mean, yay, the right thing happened. Any president with that kind of record of improvement in every area of his presidency deserves to be re-elected... but only a TWO STATE difference? (Assuming Florida which Chuck Todd seems to think is Obama's because of the counties where the vote is outstanding. Chuck Todd is the man.) You would think this was gonna be 2000 all over again. Hell, Obama could've lost Florida, Ohio AND Virginia and still won. 8 of 9 battleground states? GODDDDDDDD. What a build-up for NOTHING. Then again, I think the only reason I was scared was, well...
I have a confession to make. Out of absolute astonishment at some of the people I talked to on Facebook, I watched Fox News all day Monday. All day. I just had to understand. Of course I had flipped past it a few times. I've watched several minutes of several shows and shook my head and there's always the moments on The Daily Show, but you assume they're cherry-picking and I wanted a FULL DAY OF PROGRAMMING. What did I find?
Another country. And not just in what they chose to cover... I mean, the country they were talking about? Didn't exist. The president they talked about? Never sworn into office. After a day of watching fox I felt uneasy about the country, slightly overwhelmed and certain the race was closer than the polls suggested...
...and I'm intelligent. If I can watch one day of that shit and have it even slightly affect me, imagine the idiots that watch that shit daily? It is no wonder they want Obama out. It is no wonder they think the country is going to hell. The country Fox is talking about? IS.
I'm struck with the comparison to what the "left" commentators said during the Bush administrators. We had the Olbermann's screaming from the mountaintops like O'Reilly does now. There were people going on and on about how bad things were, but the big difference? They were talking about events within the Bush Administration...
Say what you will about the slant or the "liberal bias", but it was a "liberal bias" on ACTUAL THINGS THAT HAPPENED. On Fox? Their idea of "conservative bias" is just making up a different president and country. Anyone catch Karl Rove last night? He was fighting with the network for CALLING OHIO because HE thought it was too early. ?!?! He's on the phone with the Romney campaign, they're angry at Fox... how much more obvious do you have to get?
And maybe the people on Fox Monday were just really bullshitting everyone but a lot of them seemed to believe their own shit. Like, REALLY BELIEVED they were way ahead. REALLY believe Obama is a Socialist. Maybe this will be a shift? Maybe the viewers will be angry with FOX for doing such a poor job at REPORTING THE NEWS that they'll start looking elsewhere? Assuming those reading this AREN'T FOX viewers, wouldn't you be pissed that your news source was THAT wrong? Wouldn't it make you go elsewhere next time? I know what you're saying, if they had that much processing ability they wouldn't watch Fox in the first place... but there is a line. This just seems like a line to me. The world that Fox reports on is a different universe. They would have "Democrats" on that I have never heard of... and I'm a political JUNKY. The whole thing just screams pro-wrestling. It actually seems like the Onion News Network. Just crazy.
Anyway... done with politics for awhile. Not done watching Fox though... some fascinating shit. I really had no idea how different it was. I was going to rant about FACTS as it related to Fox and then wouldn't you know it? Rachel Maddow just nailed it. And see, that's why I get frustrated when people call MSNBC the counter-weight to Fox. It just isn't. Yes they have OBVIOUS preferences... but they deal in the real world. What Rachel is saying in this rant is actually a PLEA for the "Right" to get their shit together so we can have a functioning government again. It's kinda like Buckeyes fans wanting Michigan to be a strong team when we play them so it feels better to BEAT THEIR ASS. As Rachel says in the video - there are "known, knowns" and we need to be able to agree on those, so we can debate the things we DON'T KNOW.
EXACTLY. Couldn't have said it better myself... and didn't even try.