7:47 PM, Monday, November 5th, 2012:
...in the people of this country.
...in the media's ability to hold people accountable. Wow, what a difference four years makes.
Four years ago I wrote this entry with hope for a functioning government. I was so impressed with how Obama ran his campaign I believed we could actually have an efficient government working for us.
And then "You Lie!"
And then obstructionist fillibustering breaking every congressional record on the books.
And then "The Continuing Birthers" leading to the most embarrassing day in this country in my lifetime: A president having to call a press conference to release a different form of his fucking birth certificate so he could move about his business (which happened to be killing Bin Laden that weekend).
All the while a media intent on "balancing the sides" so they didn't look biased.
<throws hands up>
However, what he accomplished legislatively in the first two years is staggering. And the areas where he had complete control? His competence has been staggering and inspirational... if only because of the juxtaposition to Bush. Foreign policy decisions have been spot-on. He did end the war in Iraq, he is ending the war in Afghanistan and he did kill Bin Laden. And honestly? I have no issue with drones. Yup, I said it. Do people not realize that when MANNED aircrafts bomb they kill innocent civilians too? In the game of war, saving AMERICAN LIVES is first. That's why war is fucking atrocious. That's why it's a last resort. It's bloody and messy. Drones save American Lives. Don't like it? DON'T GO TO WAR.
His response to Hurricane Irene was exactly what it should be as was Sandy (though Christie is a self-serving prick and blew Obama specifically to further himself at the behest of Romney). As was his response to the Gulf spill and Haiti. I mean honestly? These are the easy things. No president other than Bush in the past 100 years have ever had an issue with this. It's honestly as if Neo-Conservatives were TRYING to make the federal goverment look incompetent so it would be easier to do away with their services in years to come. How's THAT for a conspiracy theory huh? But why the hell else would Romney talk about getting rid of FEMA?
GETTING RID OF FEMA? For fuck's sake -and this man has half of the electorate? And that's where the actual "Utterly Disappointed" part comes in...
I was in a political Facebook thread (I know, when will I learn) and while others were speaking of the economy and what a horrible job the president has done I brought up what he walked into, obviously. A reply? "It's not like the economy was rolling downhill when he came into office."
Except that by every, possible, metric - of COURSE it was. This isn't an opinion or up for debate. The recession started in December 2007 and then the economy crashed ON TOP OF THAT in late September 2008. We were staring at a depression of epic proportions. The actions the administration took had historical precedence, so I can barely give him credit for it! But they did work. Every single person should be proud of this picture:

That's not partisan, those are the numbers. And since? Nearly 5 million jobs gained in the last 3 years.
And I'll be honest, Bush isn't really even to blame for what happened in the September '08, 30 years of policy lead to that... but it did happen. And when that stimulus went in, each month, we lost less and less jobs until finally a year later our head was above water. It was a MASSIVE CRASH. And the unemployment rate hit 10.2% at the end of the graph. Duh, we were still LOSING jobs. To say that 10.2% was Obama's fault is just ignorant. The stimulus wasn't even BALLSY. It was what every single economist and every single president would've done. You know, like BUSH DID in 2001. It was the responsible thing to do and it saved our asses.
And as has always been the case, as the economy recovers, jobs come last. So we "technically" ended the recession in June 2009, our unemployment rate peaked in October 2009 and has come down slowly ever since. That's just our starting point for debate. But you show this to a Republican?
I mean, what the fuck do you do then? What's 2+2?
Ok. Good day, sir.
And why don't people believe the stats? Because the media doesn't hold anyone accountable to facts. Facts AREN'T PARTISAN, but to our media? If it makes one side look bad? Better not bring it up. Oh but they'll bring up the deficit! They'll bring up the debt!
The budget deficit for 2009 was over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS before Obama took office. Do you understand what that means? That means we would be adding 1 TRILLION DOLLARS to the debt every year, no matter what. The bulk of the budget deficit are the two wars, the two tax cuts and the medicare drug plan. All things that take YEARS to correct. Which again means, no matter who was president they were stuck with those budget deficits. So my barometer for a good president in that situation? What would the other guy have done? What would McCain have done? How would he have stopped those tax cuts and wars? HE WOULDN'T HAVE. He would've privatized social security and medicare to PAY for those tax cuts. The Republicans have literally set-up a scenario of bankrupting us to the point of taking all safety nets out of the federal government simply to pay our bills. It's like two parents running credit card bills up to $100,000 and paying for it with the kid's college fund. Rather than GETTING ANOTHER JOB and STOPPING THE EXTRA SPENDING. It's madness. It isn't conservative and no one seems to get it except the party that is SUPPOSED TO BE LIBERAL? You now have Democrats sounding like fiscal conservatives! Are we in a mid 1800s paradigm shift in our party system? Would the people even know? No they're too busy listening to Fox News point out how bad our economy is now even though it's improving.
WHY THE HELL AREN'T WE ROOTING for our own economy? Are Republicans so in love with their idea that tax cuts are better than stimulus spending in a depression that they can't just let it fucking GO for a minute? Believe me, the electorate will forget the finer details and you'll get re-elected down the road with the "cut the taxes" bullshit. For fuck's sake. Your side LOST. The stimulus WORKED. Trickle Down Economics HAVEN'T WORKED. As a conservative that wants desperately to get to streamlining our government, PLEASE: Move, the FUCK, ON.
But honestly?  Why should they?  Without accountability what's the point? If they let you lie? If they continue to interview you under false pretenses? Why should they be honest? I mean these fuckin' guys are fillibustering THEIR OWN BILLS that THEY CO-WROTE just so nothing looks positive for Obama. Come ONNNNNNNNNN. Keeping them honest Andersen? How do you ever let anyone ever act like the stimulus didn't work on your show. Why do you keep their mic on? What would Conkrite do, brother? He would politley tell the idiot to go fuck himself. No history book on the planet is going to say the stimulus didn't work or attribute the 10% unemployment rate to ANYTHING Obama did. It would be an insult to HISTORY BOOKS. People don't even blame Bush for the 2001 recession and it happened ENTIRELY IN HIS TERM. And why don't they? Because you'd have to be a fuckin moron to do that. He had been in office 2 goddamned months.
Sorry, I'm just so tired of stupid people. I'm just so disappointed with the media and so tired of people rooting for politics like a goddamn football game.
So where was I. The election. This god-awful election cycle where I have lost faith in this country in an unbelievable way. FUCK our media. The people you serve NEEDED YOU to keep the FACTS in the spotlight. They needed you to hold people accountable. They failed us with Iraq and they have failed us on the economy. And they have failed us with the entire Obama administration simply because the other side bitched and moaned because they LIKED OUR PRESIDENT. For FUCK'S SAKE. It's our goddamn elected leader. BY 200 ELECTORAL VOTES for fuck's sake. Man, I have to stop saying fuck.
This is why Jon Stewart is the best news source. Because he holds the ridiculous accountable. And yes, sometimes it's Obama. But most of the time it isn't. Is that because he's partisan? No, it's because one side is more ridiculous than the other. Though his bullshit "false equivalency" rallies made me nuts a couple years ago. He's still the smartest guy in the room unfortunately.
We should all be proud of the last 4 years. We should be proud we ended the disaster that was Iraq. We should be proud of how the HURRICANES have been dealt with. And can I say something about global warming please?
I don't know if climate change was to blame for Hurricane Sandy, but I do know this: THERE WAS A MOTHERFUCKING HURRICANE in NEW YORK CITY that caused a BLIZZARD in WEST VIRGINIA.
Ahem. Moving on.
We should be proud that we got through the recession and all economic indicators are pointing positive (no matter how slow). We should be proud that we have a starting point for health care in this country after a century of trying to do something. You want to be proud of our president and understand what civil discourse looks like? Watch the most impressive video I have ever witnessed when it comes to our democracy and how it can function...
...but you know what? You won't. Because it's 90 minutes long. It's Obama talking TO the Republicans and explaining to them that if they continue to paint his centrist policies as radical, it will make it impossible for them to govern. It's from the end of January, 2010 and it is the most riveting piece of political history that I've ever seen. It will never happen again.
If that doesn't make you proud of our president and even some of our congressman (hell even Paul Ryan seemed respectful in that), then you haven't the slightest idea the rareness of Obama. Imagine Bush standing there. Imagine Romney. Seriously, imagine Romney having that Q&A session. Obama is the essence of leadership, and that video proves it. And about .00000005% of the country will ever watch that entire thing because their attention span is horrendous.
Now should we be angry about NDAA? I think so. Though I honestly don't know what the hell you do when you come in AFTER NDAA is signed and need to choose to sign it again. I honestly don't know. Which is why we bitched so loudly about the civil rights atrocities of the Bush Administration. 'Cause once they're in? HOW DO YOU GET RID OF THEM without putting our country at risk? If you can tell me how I'm happy to get on the anti-Obama bandwagon when it comes to NDAA. As of right now? The only things that have pissed me off in the 4 years he's been in office is the Christmas Day Bomber (WHO WAS ON OUR LISTS BUT STILL GOT ON THE PLANE) and this crackdown on State run medical marijuana dispenseries. You're gonna lose Colorado because of that one Barry. What the fuck? I assume it was some "Agreement" with big Pharma to get the helath care law passed but I have no idea obviously. Anyway... that's about it. He's a great president. He's done some big things. He has gone through unbelievable shit that no sitting president has had to deal with. I mean, we hated Bush for WHAT HE HAD DONE. They hate Obama for what they THINK he did. Huh? Socialist? Any idea how offensive calling Barack Obama a Socialist is... to an actual Socialist? It'd be like calling CeBe a CAT. SHE ISN'T A CAT.
And this election? There isn't a choice. There isn't a debate, and anyone who thinks there is has about 5 years of brainwashing to remove and doesn't actually know that. Nor do they care because the BUCKEYES ARE 10-0.
Sorry. Seriously I just... am so done with this shit. I am however, proud as hell of Obama's first term and how much he was able to pull off even with The Fillibusters. Should be a name of a band. But in 2014, our electorate won't kick out the obstructionists. It'll be the same bullshit. You know, because compromise is so awful. That thing that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US DOES IN OUR DAY-TO-DAY LIVES. Heaven forbid those fucking senators do it.
GODD. Why am I this angry? I'm actually not. I'm sitting here sighing while I type, barely a stress in my shoulders eating cookies. It's actually just exhaustion at how obvious what I'm writing is and how HORRIBLE our media is at HELPING the discourse. That's what I want. We at least need someone to moderate the FACTS (Thank you Candy Crowley). Someone to stop the lies (not the spin, let 'em spin to their heart's content) and move the conversation FORWARD. Not "Obama" forward, SOCIETY forward.
Different from 2008, I have Obama losing Indiana, North Carolina, Colorado and Florida ending up with a 294-244 win. However? I think he could lose Virginia and New Hampshire pushing that to 277-261 very easily, but he's not losing Ohio and he's not losing Pennsylvania. And hell, even Florida might flip in his favor... it really is all over the place. But after 6 straight months of the 538 blog, and a belief in the poll averages because they're uncannily acruate... I have an identical map to Nate Silver's except for Colorado. I think he's underestimating how big the marijuana issue is. I think the national will be 51%-48% Obama and I will say the following as one sign of hope. Sigh...
If the Republicans continue the obstructionist bullshit for the entirety of the next term? Clinton will win 400+ EVs against Rubio in 2016. And then at some point I have to believe sanity takes over and we go back to electing moderates. We get back to the old debates about liberal vs. conservative. You know, the ones where I can actually be conservative again? 'Cause the shit happening now is so off the right/left scale we're all aliens. And that's what kills me, 50% of this country is NOT in line with today's Republican party. They just don't know it shifted. If the people voting for Romney actually understood what has happened to the Republican Party in the last 20 years and what they are actually standing for? They would be mortified. Obama has been a center-right president in his first term and will most likely be a center-left president in his second term. I expect to continue being proud of him and his attempts at piecing together a better union. I look forward to the end of Afghanistan, the implementation of Obamacare and at least one legitimate scandal. You know it has to happen (and it sure isn't Benghazi, jesus christ Republicans - our embassies got attacked so many goddamn times under Bush - what the fuck already). Here's hopin' the scandal is Biden. 'Cause I don't want to see Obama the day after Michelle gets done with him if it's him.