5:27 PM, Wednesday, October 31st, 2012:
Something really amazing happens when you see one of your parents holding one of your children. You just kinda turn a corner. Whereas this site turns even the mundane into a "moment" or a "chapter", real moments are just incredible. This video will always make me smile. My mother and my daugher, the day they met.
These moments will be few and far between. There is a bittersweetness around that. When I decided to move to California nearly 13 years ago I cemented that reality for my children. My parents will always be the distant ones and I will wish my children knew them as I did. The flip side however is that these moments will be very special. Christmas Day back in Ohio, the kids being able to hope for snow! That will be exciting, 'cause it sure ain't happenin' here. And my parents always get to be the happy spoilers as they'll rarely have to "parent". Heh.
This entry is a little late, as my mom actually left earlier this week. In tears. :-( She, too, fell in love with Vienna. Holding a newborn for a week after not doing it for that long in, wow, 37 years? I understand the emotion. I cannot imagine being away from that little bundle for more than a matter of hours. Thankfully with the ease of video phoning, we can share everything a lot easier. Yay.
For those wondering about my father, he had a heart valve fixed in September and needs to stay close to the doctors for a little while longer. He'll most likely make his way out at the beginning of the year. He's doing great, it's an issue we've known was coming for 10 years and a genetic heart defect (mitral valve prolapse) that my cousin Jimmy has and I may have as well. Yay, being a Kontras. <throws hands up> He desperately wants to visit and I literally had to talk him out of coming this year. It will be a special moment for sure.
Oh and it's Halloween! In honor of Vienna's Froggy Legs at birth, we dressed her up like a froggy-pumpkin. Mom made the hat. :-)
Too funny. Her "Froggy Legs of Goodness" are now completely back to normal for those wondering. Though who am I kidding, it's only her parents that were worried about that on a daily basis. :-)
Before I end this entry and the month, let me take a moment to tell my mom how much I appreciate my childhood. I was treated like an adult, I was spoken to like an adult and the expectation was always excellence. She knew what I was capable of and bluntly expected nothing less. I didn't always do that (usually because I was busy writing songs and girls, girls, girls) but she was extremely matter-of-fact about what I could do. She never let me off easy when it came to anything she knew I could do. It's something I will pass onto my children and something I've really come to appreciate about my earliest years.
As she has gotten older however, her "matter-of-fact" attitude has lessened. You can tell she simply would rather avoid the conflict and it kills me. Because I remember a woman who was extremely well educated, fiercely intelligent and would wax poetic about the "proud anti-intellectual" morons that we all deal with in our day-to-day lives. She unabashedly used the word "fuck" because you know what? Sometimes you need to use the word FUCK. Come back, mom. You inspired my world-view more than you know.