4:17 AM, Tuesday, October 16th, 2012:
Yay! Sleepless Randoms at 4:15am. :-)
1) Daddy Duty
So the past 2 nights I've given Talya a full night's sleep by bringing Vienna into the living room and sleepin' on the couch. Talya will return the favor later in the week. We were initially doin' the super-teamwork of both getting up at night with me feeding and Talya pumping... but in the end - that just makes us both zombies. We like this way better. ;-) Of course, I had too much coffee today and am now WIDE AWAKE (just like Vienna) in the middle of the night. Ha. Good time to type up some randoms.
2) Any Surprises?
Maybe it's a product of waiting until 37, but so far nothing is surprising me. I think I mentioned it before, but I kinda like the zombie-ness of sleep deprivation. And I'm also amazed at how well you can function on 1 or 2 sets of 90 minutes of sleep. And is it even sleep? I wake up like 3 times within those 90 minutes. So, you're just kinda always on guard. But it just somehow feels right. During the day I have a hard time making coherent sentences but I just kinda giggle and focus on Vienna. It all just seems really fun to me. Nothing has been unexpected so far. Maybe that's the surprise.
3) Best faces ever
Newborn faces are a goddamned blast. It also helps that Vienna has ANIME eyes so everything is exaggerated. I've been around enough baby people that I was ready and excited for "just how funny they are"...and they are. Might as well set a few of these I uploaded to Facebook in stone on The Journey...
Favorite picture so far...
Winners: "Will work for milk." And "OH!"
And it's so remarkably pure that you have to just soak it in. I can feel the years slipping by at every feeding. What's the line? Days are long but the years are short? Yeah, I can see how that plays out. I'm loving these moments.
4) Talya's Recovery
Talya is kickin' butt on the C-section recovery, however she slept wrong twice and she knocked a rib out. Had to make a family trek to a chiropractor yesterday to get back in line. That was scary... though not surprising really. I mean, hey - let's cut out your core ab muscles then add 30 pounds to your tits. Now go pick up a baby. What? You hurt your back? LOL. She's a trooper though. Hasn't taken any of her pain meds for the C-Section since we've been home. WAHOO!!! Percocet party at my house on new years!
5) Nature Nazis
Jesus christ is anyone rational and moderate anymore? It's nice to see people trying to get back to nature when it comes to raising kids but the pressure that is put on you is ridiculous. As I said in the "formaldehyde crib" entry - I kinda wish we could turn off the internet. Total blessing and a curse. Some great information, but everyone's pushing an agenda like a religion. We live in a time where a breech birth isn't a death sentence and all anyone can do is condemn the c-section? We live in a time where we can pump and bottle feed or (gasp) even use formula and people act like it's the biggest travesty not to breastfeed directly from the TEET. Talk about 1st world problems, right? It's like arguing over the best cut of STEAK. You're eating STEAK. Shut the fuck up already. Parents acting like their kids are smarter because they breastfed and didn't use formula? ZZZZZzzzzzzz. You judgmental pricktards. We're using breastmilk 'cause it's FREE. LMAO. And because Talya is producing enough to feed the neighborhood and we have to get rid of it somehow - LOL. To judge those that need to use formula is beyond ridiculous. Sure, it might be "better" but perspective is needed to define "better". And if you tell me beating a team 63-14 is better than 55-21 I'll tell you none of it matters because we can't go to a bowl game anyway. LMAO.
Go Bucks.
6) Speaking of Buckeyes
A certain BUCKHEAD living with us (Seriously, the dude owns nothing that isn't scarlet or grey) just got a gig at Disney bein' a "friend of Goofy". Yes, they literally make you call it that as to not destroy the magic that is a guy running around with an outfit on. Whatever. Anyway, it's literally a lifelong dream for this kid. He's losin' his mind. Unfortunately this means his time with us will be short lived (Anaheim is quite a trek in LA traffic) but I'm very happy for him. He's the type that will be indoctrina...sorry, will be welcomed into the cult... excuse me, company in record time and will fly up that ladder. I wouldn't be surprised if he never leaves the company the rest of his life. He's THAT into Disney. Whereas we say "cool" in our day-to-day lives, he says "epcot". It's a little horrifying, but his genuine happiness at landing the gig is wonderful. Love seeing someone achieve their dreams and goals and I'm happy I was able to give him a launching off pad. And hey, in a couple of years, Vienna will enjoy the "connection" for sure. ;-) Way to Go Jimmy.
7) Oh the pups!
Jesus, let this one slide - basically because we just decided to stop thinking about the looming letter... that has never arrived. It's now been 2 weeks since the incident and not a word. Not a call, not a letter... not sure what to think. A month will have to pass for me to think I'm out of the woods, but it might just be the animal control guy was trying to scare us? Or maybe the owners had a change of heart? But wouldn't they at least try to get vet bills covered? No idea what to think, but we have nothing to report. <shrugs> And we really haven't been stressing over it because we have zero control. It's just one of those things...
8) Still adorable with her
The pups are still as protective as ever with her. We move her, they're right by her side. If we let them, they're happy to lick her toes and wag their tail. It's been nothing but adorable the entire time. But I thought I'd throw this in here to the "Dog lovers" of the world. There isn't a chance in hell I would leave that baby alone in a room with either of them. Ever. These people that think they "know their dogs" are out of their minds. They are dogs. They are emotional cripples, man. They go from happy to jealous to annoyed to ANYTHING in moments. They can and will go "dog" and no matter the story I paint of their sweetness towards the baby, it's under the guise of us being RIGHT NEXT TO THEM. They respect US, not the baby. I wish more "dog people" understood that. We'd probably have less tragedies with "the family dog". :(
9) While I have a second...
The fact that the polls turned that drastically on Romney's debate performance is a good lesson to the political junkies out there. The majority of Americans don't pay attention to primaries, don't pay attention to ANYTHING until the first debate. So one candidate can absolutely get on TV and say the polar-fucking opposite of what he's said the past 18 months and have it work like a CHARM. Hell I liked what Romney was sellin' in that debate. And the reality may be? Because of how ridiculous the Republican party has become the only way a moderate COULD win the nomination is lie like a rug in the primaries and then be "honest" when it's too late. However, we'll never know, because that fuckin' guy contradicts himself WITHIN A SENTENCE. I mean Sweet Georgia Brown, I've never seen it before in my life. He says the opposite of what he said so fast you can't keep up. And in the debate? He was for everything. It's like he was told "OK, so here's what people like about Obamacare, so say you'll repeal it, and then say you'll save what polls well." He does that (a concept that is impossible because one relies on the other) and his poll numbers shoot up. That's how uninformed the electorate is. And guess whose fault that is? The Obama Team. Listen Barry, I know you hate campaigning and "selling" 'cause you'd rather govern - but one begets the other. The piss-poor job his team has done even explaining Obamacare is remarkable. He could have EASILY shut Romney down in a matter of 5 words every time Romney lied and sat there and was "polite". Bullshit, he was arrogant. He thought Romney was a buffoon and strangely? I think Obama thinks TOO highly of the electorate. I think tonight's debate will be fun for sure - but if there isn't a sea-change in the Romney campaign? He may pull this off. On 100% fabrications. LOL. Like, the easiest snake-oil salesman debunkable shit on the planet. Oh and he's for regulations! LMFAO. Because it polled well on that THURSDAY. HAHAHAHA. Come Monday, he never said it. And in the YouTube age that works? Remarkable.
But it is theater, and I am enjoying it. In the end, I think Obama has Ohio locked up so it doesn't matter... but his lack of a mandate is gonna destroy his power and he still won't have 60 votes in the Senate... so what does it matter? Sure hope he shows some enthusiasm for the job tonight. He's reminding me an awful lot of Bush at the end. GET ME OUT OF HERE.
10) FORKS?!?!
So I'm a big believer in not tip-toeing around a sleeping baby. Do that now? And say goodbye to the rest of your life with that kid. I tend to almost go out of my way to make the normal amount of noise and she seems to sleep right through...
...unless, heaven forbid, a fork touches a plate. And she throws her hands in the air and SHAKES. LMAO. As if to say "SWEET JESUS ALMIGHTY WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT RACKET?!?!?!" It's pretty funny. Oh Forks, and tupperware. The snap of tupperware also scares the bejeezus out of her - and no I'm finding grinding coffee beans. As you'll see in the video, I have tried to help with that...
...but man, she needs to get used to that. I'm gonna be grinding coffee beans for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.
11) Speaking of Coffee
Amazing, the next entry is gonna be our annual pilgrimage to our "Starbucks" where I met Talya. Two years later, married, with our 3-week-old daughter. <shakes head> I cannot wait.