12:50 PM, Monday, October 1st, 2012:
I've always prided myself on the ability to edit video/film to the perfect point of time vs. storytelling. It's not about making it shorter, it's about improving the storyline or maintaining the storyline in a more concise manner. It's an art that I adore and have honed over the past 20 years of editing going back to the "2 VCR" days in the 90s.
Every once and awhile though, a story comes along that needs the weight of time to work. You don't want to throw in music to build suspense, you don't want to make overt edits for suspense... you have to sit and feel it. You have to watch the character pace. You have to watch the character shake his legs and the only editing device needed? Is a clock. A simple tick of a clock and a sub-title saying how long until the moment, and how long since the moment passed.
After loading all the footage, and cutting together my own personal video for us... I realized it was the only way to share it. And if you hadn't imagined, the "Journey Videos" are almost always a snippet of the longer videos I put together and share. I have terabytes of archives of video for personal viewing later... but in this case? The video is just too stunning for me not to share. I have never seen a birth like this. I have never known what happens in the first 20 minutes of life, as it happens. It's remarkable to me even if it wasn't my kid and man, that Go-Pro fish-eye lens footage is so surreal. I feel like I'm watching my memories. So I hope you enjoy this video that I had to break up into 2 parts because of the 15 minute rule on YouTube. The first part has the birth, but please check out the 2nd part if just for the ride we take to the nursery. Love watching Jimmy and Karen see the baby for the first time. :-)
See what I mean? How do you edit that? The entire crux of the video is the "Real-time" aspect of it. Check out the rest...
So precious. Alright, the final entry of this magical day will indeed be edited. :-) Want to show all the faces and people who were excited to meet Vienna her first 24 hours of life. As well, there are some remarkable pictures that I cannot wait to set in stone on this site.
What an entrance.