3:47 AM, Monday, October 1st, 2012:
I should probably get used to those entry times, huh?
So what, the hell, happened?!?! What a crazy story.
So Thursday I woke up really early and couldn't get back to sleep. Spent the day preparing the house for the baby because this was it! The final weekend. I think both Talya and I were pretty resigned to the fact that the baby wasn't turning, and we'd have to have a C-Section on Monday. After a long day of arrangin' stuff we laid down to watch Stewart/Colbert and I nodded off at the tail end of it.
20 minutes later Talya wakes me up and says she's, uhm, leaking. I am in an utter daze. I had no sleep the night before so that first 20 minutes of shut-eye at midnight? Is soooooooo strong. I think I actually said:  "Why are you telling me this?". I could tell she was worried so I stood up and tried to make my eyes function to no avail. "I think my water broke".
"That's bad. We have to go now."
They had warned us that rarely does your water "break" like in the movies. Usually you have signs of labor well before hand and that happens in the hospital. If it actually does happen at home - GET TO THE HOSPITAL. And the fact that Vienna is breech? Even worse. This is specifically the situation that Monday's C-Section was hoping to avoid. However Talya wasn't sure her water actually broke, because she just felt kinda wet, it wasn't a gush. I said to call the doctor, she said it was too late and she went and sat on the toilet.
"Really? Are you gonna be that woman that has a baby on the toilet? We have to go."
She gets up to call the doctor and it continues to leak. I start googling "leaking" and see that this happens sometimes, and may continue for awhile... but the fact that it isn't stopping is worrisome - the doctor agrees and away we go. In fact, that's where we should introduce the first video...
Wow. Helluva cliff-hanger huh? So a couple of things...
The date. Really? How amazing is that? And the best part of everything is that we were able to experience this story. Part of the excitement of natural childbirth is the unknown. Will there be a mad-dash to the hospital in the middle of the night? When will the baby decide to come? A C-section takes away that fun and certainly feels unnatural. Of course what we're about to find out when they take the little lover-bundle out is just why that C-section easily saved one of their lives. So thankful this is 2012 and not 1912.
And isn't it funny that once we accepted the 10/1 date we just never in a million years assumed she'd come naturally? We're like - well 10/1 is nearly a week before her due date... so that's already early enough. We have allllllllllll weekend to clean-up and prepare. Ha.
And how the initial amniotic fluid test-thingee was wrong is beyond us. It was a young nurse that administered it and then an older nurse came in and said:  "uhm, no, that's amniotic fluid - this is happening now." Thankfully Talya wasn't dialated at all so we could plan the C-section for a couple hours later as opposed to an emergency situation.
So onto the next entry (yes, I'm making this a three-parter even if it's on the same day - lol) because the birth deserves it's own entry. And I am actually stunned at how it came out. It's exactly what it felt like to be there and it is completely unedited. The first 20 minutes of Vienna's life documented for safe-keeping. And that go-pro camera is stunning. Best purchase ever.