12:02 PM, Friday, September 28th, 2012:
Wow, how did this never occur to us?
In all the hoopla over the final birthday (C-section planned for 10/1, but if the ECV worked would she make it to my birthday on the 9th?), clearly you never assume she would come early but in a million years we never thought of today's date: exatctly 9 months from our wedding date.
<shakes head>
What a fairy tale story, right? Telling people they just smile, laugh and shake their heads and can barely believe us. Just, wow. And the entry # is her birthyear and my birthyear? This baby knows how to make an entrance.
So, of course there's an awesome story, water breaking at midnight, rushing to the hospital (she was still breech however, so it was still a C-Section), but I'm saving that for a big "baby story" entry where Talya and I talk through it. For now? Talya and the baby are both happy and healthy. So here's a little announcement video which I was able to shoot/load/edit/compress/upload and post to facebook 4 hours from her birth!!! Enjoy...
Cried a bunch putting that together. 7lbs 1oz! :) And man, that last picture? Just a little click on my iPhone becomes my favorite image so far...
What a tiny little perfect creature!!! Holy shit I'm a father. That little precious face...
Happy Birthday Vienna. What an entrance!