8:15 PM, Thursday, September 27th, 2012:
This entry took entirely too long to put together, and frankly the course isn't finished - however, I need to get this puppy behind me and get ready for the baby, so I decided to make a little tutorial video for GolfKon that served as a way to show off the course and explain some of the rules. And, of course, make you giggle a bit. Hope you enjoy it...
Man that really makes me want to go play! And although I am happy to play the clown for the purposes of a video and your enjoyment, the competitor in me needs to post the following picture...
...so you realize that in reality? Jimmy is my bitch. A 3.42 stroke advantage in 12 games. But I will say however, all those "mistakes" I made in the video to be funny? Yeah, that shit really does happen and it's often only dumb luck that it doesn't all happen in one game. The course is a remarkably difficult par 23. The course record stands at 5 under 18 by yours truly and I believe a 10 under 13 is probably the lowest anyone will go. But time will tell!
Glad to finally have all the holes up for you guys to check out. So much work, and so much yet to be done. Feel like I've been up forever the past few days trying to complete stuff. Perfect timing though, once the baby comes on Monday I'll get plenty of time to sleep.