7:33 PM, Wednesday, September 26th, 2012:
I'm an intelligent guy, I think? So why do I keep falling for this trap:
Another thread, another afternoon of my life GONE for nothing. I mean I KNOW IT'S WORTHLESS THE ENTIRE TIME, BUT I CAN'T WALK AWAY. (sigh), so I rant. I must say though, it was worth the wasted time for this rant. Some good stuff in here...
...oh and not that you ever thought I was safe for work? But this isn't. At all. Enjoy.
Yeah, the baby is still breech. And I just dont feel that burnin' herbs on Talya's toes is gonna change that. Considering all the room left for the baby to turn... I have to think the baby is stuck in the position. Be it the cord or just something anatomical - there's a natural reason that baby has been in that position for so long.
And incredibly this is the last weekend to get ready! We try to move the baby (an ECV) on Monday and if it doesn't work immediately (and the doctor is stopping at ANY resistance) we have the c-section. So much to do. So shouldn't be wasting my time freaking debating dipshits on the internet.