11:45 PM, Tuesday, September 25th, 2012:
GO PRO HD 2!!!
Though I rarely indulge in toys for my site (hard to rationalize spending money on something that has no business model) a certain "friend" discount for the Go Pro HD 2 couldn't be ignored. At $150, it is one of the cooler devices I have ever seen and I will make it be a necessity for the site even if it's really just fun. But lemme just show you how fun... thought I'd document a day in the life Go-Pro style...
HOW FUN IS THAT?!?! For those that don't know, the GoPro line of cameras are for strapping to you and going underwater or jumping off a cliff... basically getting awesome footage while doing physical things. The fish-eye lens (which you can switch off, but why?) shows you so much more than you normally see and this newer model can do 60fps and an impressive 120fps which allows for incredible slo-motion footage when you play with the speed. For $150? Are you kidding me? Of course I had to jump...
...and how cool is Vienna's birth gonna be? You think I'm not strappin' this little bastard to me for that? How surreal is that gonna be?!?!? Man I can't wait.
If you were wondering the day consisted of getting the Whooping Cough shot for the baby (guess it's a big epidemic here in LA, returning some stuff to Walmart, grabbin' some coffee at Starbucks and some grub at Subway all put to a weird song I made thanks to watching "Scott Pilgrim" today. :) Best movie no one saw in a loooooooooooooooooong time. All things that seem to be a lot more complicated to do AFTER the baby comes, but we'll see. :-)
As far as cameras, I'm still trying to keep my eye out for a deal on a Canon 5D... though I may have to go 60D or T3i because of the flip screens. I know I lose a bit of quality but a flip screen for what I do is so mandatory I can barely justify not having it. It was the one thing I said was a must before the baby came (seriously, even before a CRIB, I feel a good Canon is a necessity) and I'm hoping I pull something off this weekend on craigslist.
YAY. TOYS. BABIES. Giddy-up.