2:34 PM, Friday, September 21st, 2012:
So Ana Barredo, the documentary filmmaker, came by to shoot the first interview for her doc, "Vlog This!". What a wild week it has been... I figured I'd just document the interview for the, uhm, documentary and throw some of it on the site. It's funny I've talked more about The Journey in the past 2 entries than I have in the past 2 years.
Interviews are a really cool treat for the site to me, because it's such a great way for newcomers to catch up as well as being such a sign of the times. Which, really, all The Journey videos are in the end.
I gotta say, I'm awfully proud of The Journey right now. I tend to do this in a vacuum since the format of modern blogs make them instantly accessible to search engines and you have to actually know me to find mine... but this makes me realize how special this has all been. How rare it is, and since other vloggers are actually becoming millionaires? How nice it is to have been the first. If I cared a whole lot about money I'd probably be a little jealous but I really feel "in touch" with my project. It's perfect to me. There is no monetization and with good reason: I never want that to be a motivator to right. There are a few entries that were forced and I always look back on them and cringe. It feels insincere to me.
I am however thinking of publishing an E-Book thanks to this newfound spotlight. Not about how to attract the most viewers, hits or revenue... but about the accountability/therapeutic aspect of video blogging that is undeniable. It has made me a better person. As I've said before, I dance with my skeletons instead of hiding them. That's 100% due to this site. Being that open? Allows you to move FORWARD and find greater happiness. I think a ton of people could benefit from that.
Good week. Good times. Good stuff.