2:02 PM, Wednesday, September 19th, 2012:
What a week. The TV pitch on Tuesday, interviewed by Linda at the Wall Street Journal today and the documentary crew will be here tomorrow morning. Newspaper, TV, film and believe it or not two days ago on Monday night I was on the internet radio show:  World's Worst Show on the Web. A show I did 2 years ago when pushing the foursquare reality show, comes back into the fray because of a Facebook Status:
"Waiting for a leak to stop dripping do I can solder a pipe leak. Yup. That's what I'm doing. Every 7.2 seconds now. Getting longer. Yup."
One of the hosts of the show, Kurtis Bedford, came by and helped me out since he was a general contractor... we got to talking after a few holes of golf (which makes GolfKon now officially a tax write-off - LMAO), and I told him about all the vlogger stuff happening. And now we have this fun interview (originally 90 minutes, edited down to two 15 minute pieces)...
(throughout the interview I edit in video pieces of what we're talking about)
How 'bout that cliffhanger huh? LOL.
Jesus Christ those took a long time to edit, add video to and upload. You wonder why people don't do videoblogs like me? That's why. Fuck that work. LOL. However, it was kinda nice to not be doing construction and get back to a little editing. Hope some people enjoy it, 'cause so often stuff online is for short attention spans and it's nice to spend more than 1 minute with something.
Things went well with the TV pitch yesterday and we have another meeting next week with a production company. The idea is a bit more fleshed out and it now includes me hosting because of my moniker of "World's First & Longest Running Video Blogger". A seemingly worthless title just last month is suddenly somewhat valuable because of all the OTHER people making money off their YouTube Channels. <shakes head>. Life is funny like that.
Not as funny as Mitt "Funny-Boo-Boo" Romney, but funny nonetheless. That fuckin' guy.