11:23 AM, Thursday, September 13th, 2012:
I felt it in 2008 when I "hung out" with Romney at the debates...
I knew he'd be the nominee and I thought he was an absolute buffoon. There wasn't an ounce of sincerity in him and the can of progress gets kicked down the road again.
See, that's why his latest stumble actually upsets me. It hurts ALL OF US when one side is so freaking bad that they embarrass themselves. It's why I harp on our media CONSTANTLY for this bullshit false equivalency they pander to. They want so badly for each side to be equal, for each side to be "right about some things and wrong about other things", for each side to have "extremists and moderates" so they're never accused of the biggest sin of true journalism: being biased. Of course in trying to avoid it you become an absolute joke. Because NOT pointing out that one side is batshit crazy ends up being biased FOR them. They know you won't call them out and onnnnnnnnnnnn they go.
Well, at least on this blunder the media across the board has said this was "Lehmanesque" and the fact that he doubled down on it in a cringe-worthy press conference the following morning was the nail in his coffin. This election is completely over and I'm honestly frustrated with that. THIS DOESN'T HELP US. This isn't like rooting for the Buckeyes and being happy with a blow-out. All theories and agendas need to be DEBATED. Critiqued. Intelligently worked through. Held to the fire. Put up against past precedents. If there's only gonna be 2 parties, we need both parties to put up their best, brightest and most honest so we end up better off than we were before. Instead on one side we get Bush, Cheney, McCain, Palin and then Romney and whatever the fuck Ryan is.
Fuck. Me.
These aren't conservatives. These aren't intelligent conservatives that deal in facts. Sans McCain, these are corporate puppets dealing in ideology ignoring every fact out there. They deal in black and whites, good and evil, and don't even acknowledge grey. In fact, it's much like a facebook thread I was stuck in with a conservative that was so assanine, I finally had to say:
"Can you just open a fucking dictionary and look up socialism? Please? I know you can read. I'm not certain you can process what you read, but sweet jesus if you can't understand the definition of a word, it makes it impossible to have a conversation with you. It would be as stupid as me calling you Asian because you like your computer. And when you replied: "I'm actually caucasian" I came back with: "I don't care what TYPE of asian you are, you're a computer user." That's how butt-fuckingly assanine having a conversation is with you."
That doesn't help us. I mean, it's funny, but it's exhaustion. If you come to a debate about Obamacare and all you can say is that it's "Socialism", when it is in fact a conservative think-tank's idea of mandating people to buy PRIVATE insurance, than there will be no dialogue. We can't have an actual debate. If we're debating the color of a leaf and you insist that jello is better than pizza - where the fuck does that leave us? And I had to finally leave the conversation with:
"I literally don't have enough respect for you to continue responding."
And it's the truth. And unfortunately that's where we are right now. Romney is an atrocious candidate. Bad on every possible level except he's an attractive man. Remind you of a certain vice-presidential candidate? WHAT THE FUCK. How do we improve as a country when only ONE side has adults? Only one side has competent and blisteringly intelligent people. I KNOW there are intelligent conservatives out there that can further this country for the better. That DO want to work together. That understand that compromise is the cornerstone of how things get done. Those people? They realize how moderate and centrist Obama is and how often he has put out his hand to comrpomise and move things forward. Only to be met with "no". Why? 'Cause they know that any improvement (though it would help 300 million citizens) would also help HIM. GASP! They now get to run on jobs when the only jobs bill Obama tried to pass wasn't even VOTED on by the congress. Which was actually stupid for them POLITICALLY! Had they passed it last year, it barely would've had time to show an effect and then they'd ACTUALLY HAVE ground to stand on with their attacks! How stupid do they think people are? The man is 1 million+ jobs in the hole by month 2 of his presidency and at the end of his first term can boast 3 straight years of job growth... and they paint that as a negative? And people BUY that because of a colorful CHART?
STOP BEING STUPID. I'm BEGGING the Republican party to fucking find someone who doesn't treat us like MORONS simply because some people actually ARE morons and will scream "keep your government hands off my medicare!". Stop pandering to the idiots, please. I know there's an unGODly amount of idiots in this country but for fuck's sake they don't need more FUEL.
So annoyed. I mean, thankfully Obama will give me a few more years of knowing the man making the biggest decisions has a cool temperament and is thoughtful, but the balance will shift to the right again in 2016 and if we keep getting pretty faces with vacuous minds we all lose. Nevermind the fact that the right is adopting a platform from the 1950s. No conservative woman should have to deal with this bullshit. It has no place in politics. I feel for strong conservative women who now have to vote AGAINST their best interests because Republican men are fucktards. I don't believe the liberal argument that no women should vote Republican, because ya know what? SOME people don't vote specifically for their agenda, they vote for what they believe is best for the COUNTRY. And several Republican women, though sickened by where the party is moving, still feel the country is better off in the long-run without Obama. I respect that and understand their struggle... however I am flabbergasted they still think Obama has been liberal. It's extraordinary that people can't put things together without talking heads telling them what to think.
UGH. I don't believe intelligent conservative is an oxymoron. So prove me right in 2016. PLEASE.