11:13 PM, Sunday, September 9th, 2012:
It's the one thing that hasn't wavered even when my enthusiasm for my career did: hard work. I focus and achieve ridiculously ambitious projects, by myself ,all the time. 18 hours a day-can barely move yet keep going type of things. The preperation for the Labor Day party was one of those moments, but it's exactly like every Egos episode or hell: this site. People always marvel at how I can and even why I do? So I made this video...
It really is all those things and first and foremost is:  I can. I don't only mean that I'm capable of the skills, I mean I'm afforded the opportunity. You know? George Harrison used to work in his backyard all the time doing things that he could easily have hired others to do... but he understood the mind/body connection in those projects and he was afforded the opportunity to do them because his success in other areas gave him the time. I've made some good financial choices with my money, have lived long enough below my means and also now have family support that allows me to take 5 months and redo my entire house. As well, save a FORTUNE doing it. I feel priviledged. Priviledged to do 18 hours of manual labor a day improving my environment. Preparing for my coming child. It's the greatest year of my life, bar-none. This is what it's all about. Soooooo lucky...
...but it is also all the other things I say in the video. I do like that it's hard and I don't know anyone who would attempt as much. I love showing other people that you simply have to believe you can do it and voila. Of course that's not true for everyone and everything but man, so many of you fail because you don't even ATTEMPT shit. Wouldn't you rather attempt it and fail as opposed to not even trying and failing? You're in the same place at the end aren't you? At least when you attempt it you're learning. You're moving forward. You're falling up the stairs instead of standing on one step. And (gasp!) what if you succeed? So it is my hope that I can inspire people to try ridiculously difficult things even when they have no idea what they're doing. I'm the poster-child for that.
More than anything though, at the heart of it all is direction. I am a direction junkie. If I understand the goal and see the direction? I will knock the SHIT out of anything. When I can't see it or find it? I spin. I certainly don't sit and do nothing, but I produce in circles. Knowing I had to finish the two hardest holes for GolfKon by Monday afternoon turned me into a machine. Solving problems, dealing with layouts, bags and bags of concrete, painting, cutting, hammering, screwing - it's the greatest feeling in the world to me. Direction! Plan of Action! If the only variable is what my body can withstand? Oh shit, look out. I will win. It's why I know I'll do a marathon one day with barely any training. I honestly believe that right now and run 26.2 miles. Without barely a stretch. I would probably fuck up my body permanently in many ways, but I wouldn't stop. If my mind or body is the only variable, it doesn't usually let me down.
In all this, I do have to make one embarrassing caveat: I'm not a fair comparison. This isn't highly relatable to most because it is kinda remarkable that I do have the skills to do so many things. Which is also totally out of my control. A lot of people that would attempt to take down a wall between their kitchen and dining room would have the roof cave in, and most people that would attempt to make a mini-golf course in their backyard would make an eyesore of epic proportions. Just like the Vienna mural... I've never painted except in 1st grade. <throws hands up>. I'm that asshole for sure, but I do think people see "hard work" as a bad thing and try to avoid it at all costs. Especially hard work on your home. It's a "zen" like nothing else. Whereas I hate gardening, the concept is the same: you're changing your environment for the better. In my case, there is more useable living space now than there was a year ago to such an outrageous degree, that it has changed my life. The hard work that went into it also changed my life. I'm more fit, more active and more peaceful because of it. Not a moment goes by where I'm not thinking of my children during the process and that has prepared me for fatherhood in a beautiful fashion that I didn't even realize could happen.
Creative work (and I'll argue dish-washing can be creative) is also a way to bond with, well, you. It is masturbation for sure. All work/art is either masturbation or prostitution so stop thinking you're all high and mighty with what you're doing. That's how human's process. If you take yourself more seriously than that you need to come down a few pegs. All of this work connects you to who and what you are. It is very Zen-like and very crucial to maintaining your health. Be it making videos, songs, jokes, decks... it's communicating who you are not only to others... but to yourself. That inner-communication is vital to well-being.
And I have been priviledged the past few months to work, work, work, work until I literally can't feel my hands.
I've never been happier.