12:54 PM, Wednesday, September 5th, 2012:
Holy shit I made it to functional. At 4pm after 54 hours of work in a 72-hour time frame, this was able to happen:
Thank you to Steven Rodriguez who made that video with his iPhone as I was in an absolute daze and could barely walk let alone think of "The Journey". I had to edit out a lot of what he shot because I want to save some of the new holes for when everything is completely finished (real numbers, not printouts, etc). I'll do a nice long professional 9-hole GolfKon introduction soon. But at least it shows that there was even an event... and it was actually, really, really fun.
Everything I've done with GolfKon has been pretty much in a vaccuum, so this kinda felt like a "Soft Opening" where people come in and step where they aren't supposed to step, do things with the ball you didn't anticipate and find all the "holes" in your creation. It's the greatest moment for any creation. It's like that first movie screening with a focus group. Throw in beer (which I haven't had in FOREVER, that was kinda nice) and some burgers and hotdogs and this is an actual par-tay. With PLENTY of room. That's the thing with all these decks and nooks and crannies, it's the same amount of space - but there's shit to actually do ON that space so people end up spreading out more. Of course here's what I wanted most out of the night; DATA...
I really do take nerd to a different level sometimes. But, this is how you make a good golf course. This is how you know where to tinker with each hole. The most glaring issue here is the #5, "The Plinko Hole" is far too easy to get an Eagle on. An Eagle on a Par 3 should be a nearly once in a lifetime thing to pull off, one that in 27 games with Jimmy on GolfKon 1, only happened once and on Labor Day Jefe was the only person to pull off a legitimate Eagle on Hole 7. And it was amazing because I was certain I had messed up the pipe and made it impossible to pull off. In fact, it's simply improbable... which is exactly what an eagle should be. So for the Plinko hole to have 4 Eagles out of 21 attempts is way too high. I will fix that.
You can also see that Hole 6 is a bitch. However? That was kind of the point. You can set yourself up very easily to make par on that hole, but if you miss that par putt? You're done. It's a 5 or 6. It's an evil hole and it looks, so, freaking, simple. Just a little pyramid... ain't no thang, right? Wrong-o.
The other chorus of bitches came from the fact that the tees weren't RECESSED into the greens. For fuck's sake you pansies. But on this, I will indeed spend a 1/2 day cutting the greens and recessing all the tees because, well, it looks nicer. At the end of the day, that means more to me than the poor bastards that kept hitting the tees instead of the ball - but now everyone is happy.
Of course outside the data, watching people considerably heavier than me stand on things that weren't meant to be stood on made me pretty damn nervous - but actually, it was well-built and worked out pretty good. I still don't want people to stand on the 1 foot part of the green on hole 7, but if they do, it should hold up. It was tested by yours truly, and, well, that's not exactly 250 pounds. Suffice to say, it held 250 pounds. :)
Alright, I have a ton of work left to finish things up before I move onto laying the foundation for Jimmy's bathroom/kitchen and I also need to recess those goddamn tees. (rolls eyes). If I don't do it now I never will. I'll blame Vienna sleeping in a DRAWER on you whiny bitches.