12:56 AM, Monday, September 3rd, 2012:
I'm in an absolute daze right now. You know how you're so tired you can't sleep? Yeah. After back to back 18 hour days with at least 9 hours tomorrow before the party... whew. Oh yeah the party...
Sometimes you just need a deadline, so I invited a bunch of people to play all 9 Golfkon holes for Labor Day. Of course there are only 7 right now, but I did lay the cement for one of those and, well, here's some video of that.
You know what I love about that video? It's exactly our life. How we talk. Seems a strange thing to say for a man who has 1264 videos just like that - LOL - but I mean, it has the same sort of rhythm. Not sure why that video stands out so much to me. It's such a sign of the times with me telling her to TAKE IT EASY when she's not feeling good with the pregnancy. If the baby wants you not to move? Don't move. You have that luxury since you're not working so take advantage of that! I really just don't want Vienna to come early. Heh.
And can I just say something about the beefcake shirtless videos. Uhm, this is not my intention. Something happened to my body over the past 4 months where now my normal lazy shirtless state looks "showy". I never wear a shirt when working in the sun if at all possible because I tan IMMEDIATELY and end up looking like a dipshit if I wear a shirt and that's really it. Was the same at 190 pounds as it is at 150 pounds. And jeeeeeeeezus has it been sunny. I'm a different race right now. Anyway, what was the point of this?
Oh, yeah, it's September. I know everyone always says this when we jump into September but summer really did fly by. Everything feels different now in regards to the baby because it really could be any time. It could happen this month, and at the very least it's happening NEXT month. I'm working so freaking hard and am actually a little bummed that I'm doing mini-golf holes instead of things we NEED, but it was the right solution to the pipe issue and I have to finish it now or it'll never be completed. And I actually dig the work. I should write an entry about that because people's reactions to my work ethic are stunning to me. I feel like I have some sort of insight into happiness when people act like it's a bad thing that I can barely move my hands. That's a badge of honor to me. It means I'm making the most of my day. It feels amazing.
I'm also aware that now? Every month and year will fly by. It's the truth about having kids that is inescapable: nothing flies by faster than life with children. It's why I'm on such a tear with the rennovation stuff - I have the time now.
Alright - party tomorrow, up at 6am to complete everything. Whew.