11:35 PM, Thursday, August 23rd, 2012:
So it's occuring to me that not everyone builds all their shit off the top of their head like I do. Hmmm. People draw shit out, blueprints, plans... whew. What fun is that? Where's the "float downstream" in that? I'm not building a rocket here, so I figure just sit and think about it... talk it out... and it'll come together. It's like writing music to me - you just start playing, start singing... and you kinda feel the direction.
However, what that means is... an innordinate amount of time is spent looking and talking. I think that surprised Jimmy when he was hanging out with me during our most recent problem: the pipe. Yup, the pipe to his kitchen/bathroom has to go across the entire freaking driveway and to avoid an eye-sort I'm building another deck and another couple golf holes. (sigh) I swear to you I didn't want to do this. Seriously. My hands still throb from the first 3 and that monstrous 16'x16' bastard last fall. However, what the hell else do you do with a pipe that splits your driveway in half? Can't go underground because of the slope... so, well - it all makes perfect sense to me. But in deciding to go that route, you have to create around it. And therein lies the "talking construction" part of all this...
That's 2 minutes of 2000 minutes of just talking. Usually to myself. Yes, I walk around my backyard talking to myself for hours on end trying to figure out how the hell to make things work. Talya finds it quite amusing... but for me? It works. I don't write anything down, I just kinda move it all in my brain and then the rest is determined by the length of wood I can fit in my Camry. But, as you may have seen on Facebook, I can get a lot of wood in my Camry...
Those are all 16 footers, but I got 2 too many and had to stick them WAYYYYYYY out. But little known fact? You can get 13 2x4x16s in a Camry with only 5 feet out the back. Crazy huh? Throw in using the passenger window to boot? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit. You can do anything with a Camry.
I can't believe I'm making more holes. It's so hard to project sanity when you're turning your backyard into a putt-putt. Ya know? It's kinda like my movie theater. I swwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwear I did that to save space, and not to have a big TV. No one believes me. LOL. I was MORE than happy with my 3 holes and I desperately like SPACE. I don't want a bunch of shit in my backyard, I want SPACE... but I can't make that pipe disappear and I honestly can't think of how else to cover it. I mean, we're talkin' over 40 feet. A loooooooooooooooong flower bed? Neither Talya nor I would be able to take care of that.
I doth protest too much. The making of GolfKon 2 in the next entry. ;-)