4:39 PM, Monday, August 20th, 2012:
A week in and Jimmy is settling in nicely. He's helped out a little with some construction stuff, but simply put: it's not his thing. Or let me put it this way, he'd like it as long as it didn't involve saws or getting dirty. Oh and he's not a big fan of 3 inch deck screws. He also makes me feel like I'm some sort of super-freak when it comes to how hard I work. I mean, I guess I can be, but sometimes shit just has to get done. You know, like, when a baby is coming?
Man I can't believe we're so close. 33 weeks? Talya and I were both born 6-8 weeks early and I am soooooooooooo not far enough along in the construction to pull this off. I've spoken to Vienna on several occassions and let her know: "Nothing to see here hon. Better off just stayin' in there until October." Kids never listen. (sigh)
But the reason I'm taking a moment to write is simply to express how nice it is to have a tenant who is family. We've had dinner together nearly every night and it's just been wonderful. As a nutrition major Jimmy is thrilled that Talya and I eat healthy. In fact, it's such a part of our daily dialogue I decided to tape us having dinner one evening. This has to be remarkably boring to other people, but I figured our family would find it interesting...
I really did that video for Vienna. Something about seeing what life was like before you got there is fascinating later. Like, to her - everything will look the same... except all those people in the video will look really young. It's like a little time capsule. And it is for me and Talya too. Clearly. Look at how relaxed we are as we eat. Those days are numbered. LOL. We will looooooooooooong for the above dinner atmosphere at some point. I mean, we're ready for the adventure but we're not naive to how quiet and peaceful things are at this very moment. It is indeed the calm before the storm.
I really hope Jimmy stays out here. It will be interesting to watch, because as I've said before this is not a place to stay unless you're industry bound. If something doesn't click, if that drive isn't there after a couple months? Especially if you're close to your family back home? You, are going, back. And it's not even a bad thing. You'll belong there. At 23 that's all you're trying to do:  find where you belong. We're all rootin' for him. Thankfully, I know where I belong.
Took me long enough. ;)