2:09 PM, Monday, August 13th, 2012:
12 1/2 years later, my cousin Jimmy Kontras has made the jump from Columbus to Los Angeles proving once again, Ohio is a wonderful place to leave.
So kidding. I love Ohio. ;-)
It's been a lot longer in the making that Jimmy cares to admit to people as we've been in contact for well over a year planning this moment. He wants to give Hollywood a shot, I have a guesthouse for rent... and, well, the rest is now history. Jimmy gets an official number, an entry, and his video start on this crazy road...
Now, I'm a good deal older than Jimmy so he was only 11 when I came out to LA. In recent years however he has been an avid reader of The Journey and has watched the documentary often. It's only pumped him up more. Which, I guess was always the original point of this when I started it: to help some kid in Ohio who had no idea what to expect. I figured I'd tell the whole story and maybe it would inspire someone else to jump. And, well, it kind of did. As I said before we've been talking quite often the past year about this, and I've given him as much advice as possible to actually make it out here. Downsize like crazy, save everything penny so you have as much time out here as possible and well, now that he's here? All I can say is this: leave no opportunity unfollowed. Literally anything that could be something? Do it. Don't worry that there's no money, just do it. Favors? Do 'em. Push everything. And of course, true to form, Jimmy is already at an open casting call to be a tour guide at Universal Studios. <throws hands up> He gets it. Just push.
Now, I did that for 6 1/2 years before a legitimate break. LOL. That's horrendous, but hey - at least I got that break and spent an incredible year on CBS doin' some awesome shit. And I got that break by randomly uploading my 4tvs video to a talent contest. Could have EASILY let that one slip by. And the fact that Jimmy is at an open casting call less than 24 hours since he arrived here? Means, he gets it too. Jimmy has that ability I've had from time to time to just believe it will happen and make it so. I can't wait to see his journey unfold and am happy to play a part. I'm also happy I have a mini-golf nut living here as we already played 81 holes. LMAO. And of course, here's the stats:
Yeah, I'm a nerd. What I find amazing though is that it doesn't matter how many times I play these holes, these are some hard freaking shots. There's no "experience" that helps you. I mean, we played each hole 27 times and were still bogeying the hell out of 2 and 3 at the end. That's awesome. And yes, uhm, I'm just a tiny bit competitive so I will enjoy keeping track of this. ;-)
Alright brother, welcome! Kick some ass at your audition today and here's to everything that's coming your way. It's the best journey you'll ever take.