2:52 PM, Wednesday, August 1st, 2012:
I'm still just so goddamned proud of myself. Yes, I could've just super-glued my wound. Liquid band-aids are apparently all the rage. BLAH BLAH BLAH. How good of a story is:  "So I cut myself and went to the store and got some liquid band-aids. It was crazy." Well I sure hope you didn't scratch your vagina on the way to the store YA PANSY.
Everything is Journey fodder, and when I ripped down some metal sheeting from the ceiling exactly one month ago today and sliced my calf open? I decided I would stitch myself and keep going. It was Talya's birthday, we had dinner plans that evening, and I had set my mind on having the entire wall down and cleaned up before she and her mother got home from picking up her new glasses. Some little 2 inch cut (no matter how deep - it was white inside when it first happened, so who knows what layer that was) wasn't gonna stop my demo. And the rest is Journey history. Not many people can stomach this video, but it's pretty badass if you can.
(If you can't stomach the "surgery" skip to 7 minutes to watch Talya and Karen's reaction. Classic)
Please note, I do not blame Talya for me taking the stitches out too soon, she by all means convinced me that it was a good idea, and I truly don't care about the scar. The stitches got me through the demo and we had a great night. I waited a month to do this entry of course to avoid the barrage of:  "JESUS CHRIST MAN, GO TO A FREAKING HOSPITAL." It never got infected, I kept it hella clean several times a day. Kick ass.
Oh, and, I took the whole wall down in between the kitchen and dining room (kitchen entry soon) and the difference is extraordinary. All possible because of the doghouse the pups stay in now... funny how one thing leads to another isn't it?
Back to work I go...