1:31 PM, Tuesday, July 31st, 2012:
This was gonna just be some randoms about construction and then I saw those flies. And I don't mean to just throw the F-Bomb right out in the entry title, but it just kinda rolls off your tongue doesn't it? I figure I only have a few more months of legitimate "I wasn't even a dad yet" excuses to say crass things (or do crass things, wait'll you see the next entry) so fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
1) Even little flies do it
Weird huh? Maybe they weren't doin' it. I don't know. Just one of those random things you capture when you're always close to a camera. Hmmm.
2) Near death experience
So this shit'll kill ya:
...if you're like me and don't throw these bastards out the moment Shizzle eats the plastic off them. I mean, they still work obviously, but not the best thing when you're rerouting electrical wires in the attic.
I am UBER-Respectful of electricity. I treat it life and death because it is, and though I've gotten little mini-shocks now and again working on stuff, I always turn off the power and when I am hot wiring things to test, again, I'm incredibly careful. However, a couple weeks ago I had a lapse in judgement and brought those pliers up to the attic with me without even a second thought. They had been like that for so many years they never registered in my head as "broken" they just registered as my "trusty pliers" that had some old Shizzle "enhancements". So, lodged in a tight space in the attic and having to test about 15 combinations of wires to reroute the dining room lights because some idiots used PURPLE and other various wiring colors in the attic, I sat and tested while Talya turned the electricity on and off at the fuse box. She of course was happily getting her fuel points running back and forth ad I sat for 2 hours in the sweltering heat saying "go... ok... off... ok... go" and for the last few wires I kept everything hot as I tested. "Lights on in the kitchen? Microwave on? Stove on?". When I found the combination I grabbed my pliers to bend them in and...
...they were actually the OTHER set of pliers I brought that still had both handles. So I was fine. Back and forth we went and then I grabbed the wrong pair... and I became part of my homes electrical system and let out a gutteral scream that had to have awakened my ancestors. Thankfully I wasn't cramped enough that I couldn't drop the pliers, so it was only a second and a half at most but this was the big time currents as I connected the entire house through my body. After I dropped the pliers I whispered for Talya to turn off the electricity and I just slowly cried. How could I have been so stupid. Wife, baby on the way... so many people I'm responsible to now - and I made such an EASY mistake bringing those pliers up with me. I sat for a few minutes, then knew that I had to keep going and finish up as I never wanted to be in this spot of the attic again for the rest of my life. I threw the bad pliers down onto the kitchen floor and continued and everything finally worked. When I got back down I just felt super-drained and ended up laying down most of the day. So scary, so completely avoidable and I cannot believe I made such a rookie mistake. However, I'm OK and all is good. Those pliers are no longer in existence. :)
3) Made both showers!
Once we have the third and final shower next month I'll do a baby shower entry, but that is being held at a restaurant so there's a bit less of a time crunch on me. What having the first two finished means however is that I did it! I got everything done I wanted to to prepare the house and everything went great. Weather was awesome and there was plenty of room. Those were two deadlines that I packed a helluva lot into and now I'm onto the kitchen full-steam ahead. Next month Jimmy comes out and I hope to have his bathroom/kitchen... wait, have I even mentioned that? Whew...
4) Jimmy's Journey
So my cousin Jimmy just graduated from OSU and is comin' out to Hollywood to start his journey in showbiz. The current tenant gave me his 30 day notice On July 1st, so tomorrow he's gone and a couple weeks later Jimmy will be renting the guesthouse. Perfect timing. Also pretty perfect that we'll have a family member here for the birth of Vienna. Everyone is pretty excited. I'll write a lot more about his "journey" when he gets here, but needless to say - I am stoked that it's all comin' together. Jimmy has been talkin' to me about this for over a year and it's awesome that he's actually doin' it. So many people talk and never actually get in their car and jump. He's a couple weeks from doing that and i'm extremely proud of him.
5) Competitiveness
And believe me, I knew Jimmy was comin' when I started the diet/workout routine. Jimmy is quite athletic. Nutritionist, runner - I wasn't about to be a flabby piece of shit when he got here. I envision basketball, running, all sorts of stuff and someone to keep me accountable. He's 23 so I have my work cut out for me, but I like that...
6) Back in the game?
...it also gets me pumped seeing the industry through his eyes again. He's so excited to take acting classes, to network, it's where I was in 2000. And with my weight loss and all-around blissful environment I am thinking about doing some things along side him. The biggest issue is how busy I am right now preparing the house, and of course I really don't know what to expect for the first couple months after the baby comes, but I'm back in the mindset of trying to knock on some doors again. Maybe. LOL. I'm really so happy that I don't care, but logically I know I'm underachieving doing construction work. You know? I mean, it's fun, it's ZEN, it's everything I love... but I have more unique talents that are going unseen. So here's hoping his influx of youth and energy is contagious.
7) Longest and Shortest Month of my Life
I have to look back on this month in amazement. So much has happened to the house, so much work, so many FUEL POINTS (lol) and it feels like the end of June was last week. Talya enters her 8th month tomorrow. How is that possible? The saddest irony is that I'm gonna get done with a 6 month redo of the house and want desperately to rest... and then a newborn will be in the house. LMFAO. What a year. I will age 5 years in 2012. Here's hopin' I only age 3 in 2013. ;-)
8) Numb.
My fingertips have been numb for like a month. I keep making excuses, but it really is a little disconcerting. I assume it's overuse. The entirety of my hands is calloused to the point of feeling a bit like the bottoms of my feet, which is why I attribute the numbness to overuse - but it's still scary. Some parts of my fingertips I can't feel the difference between fuzzy and smooth surfaces. That's some frightening stuff. I know I need to take it a little easier, but time is a tickin'. And hell, if the baby is early? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I guess there will be time to work on stuff even when the baby is here, but I'm assuming the "Every 3 hours" thing will last for at least 3 or 4 months and if I was stupid enough to use those pliers in the attic on a full night's sleep? I don't want to be anywhere NEAR a powertool if I haven't slept in a month. I just want this done before Vienna's here so I can support Talya as much as possible. We're a great team and I want to be at my best as well as having a functioning house with plenty of space. So back to work I go...
9) Just shake your head and marvel at my will power...
...because the next entry is ridiculous. I literally give myself stitches.
<shakes head>