11:10 PM, Wednesday, July 25th, 2012:
Uhm, sure. A "mini" detour. What the hell was I thinking. My hands hurt so bad I can barely type. They throb for days on end without 4 ibuprofen and I just keep, on, going. Why? Partly because I'm embarrassed. I meant to finish the kitchen for Talya and this "detour" is hardly necessary for the coming baby or even the coming baby shower (we're having two here on seperate Sundays). No this has been a labor of love and I've honestly never had more fun in my life. Here's the story of how this all came to be...
To say that was a lot of work is a little silly. I had to have devoted 120+ hours just to the course in a little over a week. I still got the drywall up in the ceiling, put together the dining room table and cleaned the entire backyard for the party in the midst of all that (on top of other daily errands that had to be done). I'm on overdrive, and again, it's because I feel like I've detoured the home remodel project to "funland" for no real reason. Granted, the deck and greens space is taking up that horrendous dust/sand/dirt shit that's in the backyard, but that's kinda pushing it, ya know? The truth is - I'm adoring the creative aspect of it. The problem solving aspect of it. I'm learning as I go and seriously guys? I cannot think of a happier couple months of my life than I've had working on my house. There's hardly an hour that goes by that I don't picture my kids there. That I don't picture parties here. The basketball, foursquare, mini-golf, foosball... it's just kinda fun. All completely anchored by that big-ass 16x16 foot deck I built last fall. That's where the "adults" will be, watching the kids run around and be... kids. I'm so happy, so appreciatve of my life... I can barely contain it. Life, is, beautiful. And it has been for so long I can barely relate to how tough things were 2 years ago. Thankfully I have The Journey for that. I'll travel those roads again sometime in the future, but right now? I'm having too much fun.
The course will be complete tomorrow and I cannot wait to show you the entry. You just cannot believe how professional it looks. I'm even a bit speechless. I'm gonna do a fly-over video, scorecards the whole nine. HA. The whole nine. Perfect.
And Talya? Thank you for not giving me shit for there not being a light in the kitchen for like 4 days. Not many wives would be as cool as you while I build a freaking AMUSEMENT PARK in our backyard instead of finishing the kitchen. LMAO. It will be finished. I mean it has to be. There's hardly any room left in our backyard for anything else.