9:32 AM, Wednesday, July 18th, 2012:
This is why projects take forever. The order gets longer the further in you get and pretty soon you could've been better off building a new house. The order goes like this:
Because of the dogs sleeping in the kitchen, shitty windows and a backyard full of this dusty/sandy/dirt mix... the kitchen is impossible to keep clean. It has driven many a woman (and me) to great despair once this was realized. So the list of things to do to remedy that is long.
1) Replace the windows
2) Make the doghouse and put the doggie door through the wall so they can sleep in there at night
3) Cover the ground with deck/cement leaving a small area for the dogs to use as a bathroom
Seems simple enough. In landscaping the backyard however, we realized we needed to move the trailer to the driveway so as to have the space for the dogs to use as the bathroom (we were redneckin' it in the yard before). To do that you have to clear out the trailer. To do that? You have to build the attic with plywood so you have a place to store everything. Then you're left with a foosball table that you decide you have to sell so you set it all up under a tent you're using for the baby shower on Sunday and realize you really don't want to sell it. And here we go...
One thing leads to another and now you're building a FOOSBALL deck in your backyard because you have to. The nice thing is that it's in what was a pretty unuseable sapce before. It had the shed, but it was crowded so I moved the shed over a few feet and voila. Perfect space. Throw a tarp over it and man you're set. It never freezes out here so hells yes! I have saved my foosball, it's not in the house, it's not forced upon whoever is renting the guesthouse and it isn't sold! Problem solved.
...of course in doing that I ran into another problem. The steps go over a spot where I wanted to eventually put a little putt-putt hole. So to even build the foosball deck I had to at least plot that out.
I think you can see where this is leading... lol. I mean, you just have to lay the concrete around the golf hole to secure the foosball deck don't you?